Nigeria Needs Restructuring: NGO Advises Nigerian Government

The president of the Patriotic Trust Movement, PTM, Comrade Dapo Obaro has added his vice to myriads of persons calling for the restructuring in Nigeria.

Obaro said who was speaking after a meeting of its national officers that there are many issues that need to be addressed in the nation some of which is the participation of government in religion and influence of ethnicity in attitude of politicial office holders, which he said is a major issue in Nigeria.

He said that politicians hide under religion to perpetrate evil advising that since Nigeria is a secular state, government has no business in religious practice and that government programmes should no longer be held whether  in Mosques or Churches.

He also said that issue of citizenship and ethnicity should be stamped out of governance and that the federal government should de – emphasize citizenship and state of origin because some people would not assist anyone unless such a person is from their ethnic region or speak their language.

The PTM President said that such attitude negates the call for unity which heroes of Nigeria worked had to attain.

He said that that though Biafra agitators have their reasons, but that the call for war is not a reasonable and unpatriotic.

Obaro commended President Muhamadu Buhari on his anti corruption stance adding that he should shun anti progressive forces that want to pull down his administration based on party sentiments reiterating that Nigerians are not educated on patriotic values but rather seeking party success ahead of national growth.


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