What a Double Tragedy for Journalists?

Being at the war front covering a war situation is an incomparable risk, only available in Journalism. From trenches to acts of taking cover to avoid being hot by an enemy bullet or bomb.

Why do we take such a risk? Because the people have to be informed. These insatiable people have to be informed. For these ungrateful people, Journalists suffer, they get killed and mimed, destroyed and lose families.

Many times, some aggressive soldiers face a journalist with gun and spray him in transfer of aggression, “Bloody Civilians.”

What is our offense? The determination to get the people informed, educated and entertained with happenings in their surroundings.

We get least recognized among other professions, we are molested, the ladies among us are treated like rags, while the males humiliated like dogs.

Wael Dahdouh lost his wife, children, grandson, nephew, niece and other relatives to the Israeli  air strike in central Gaza. What else can Wael lose that will be more painful? The question remains, what is our offense for being a Journalist?

Why should these Terrorists go to wake a sleeping Dog from its sleep.

Stop this carnage on Journalists,

Being a Journalist is not a Crime.

Being a Journalist is not a death sentence.

Allow Journalists do our work in peace and be happy doing what we are assigned to do in destiny plans

Wael Dahdouh, accept my condolences, May Allah gove you the fortitude to bear this loss.

I was shocked to marrow, you reported back to cover the Buereau, less than 24 hours after your grieve,. What a display of love for profession!

What a demonstration of professional courage, discipline and sense of urgency with which Journalists do our work.

We are humans, we have blood flowing in our veins, Stop killing Journalists and their relatives, we are harmless. The pen is not a sword. STOP inflicting pains on Journalist, we are harmless and armless. Tribute to all Journalist that died in the act of war reportage, God will always be your protector and guide. Amin

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