Truth of the matter

Oluseyi Dasilva


When Omowole Sowore made a call for revolution, I saw the level of ignorance that greeted his call and how even our educated elites took the matter. Half education is not good “Aabo Eko ko dara” but even non education can be better because it allows for proper valuation of education.

What is a revolution?

We all see how America used pilotless drones, controledby a computer laptop to destroy the capability of a fearless, courageous, highly rated, highly reputed Iranian General, Quasim Solimani. “Abiku so Oloogun deke” unexpected situation made a mockery of a great herbalist. Solimani was a great Soldier and intelligent military commander, ranking with Osama ibn Ladin. Placing him side by side Nigerian army of today in Nigeria, I can say none can match him. He is fierce in battle, feared by opponents and admired by his country men as an invaluable patriot of Iran. But he died, in the hand of a mere computer and an operator who used his laptop to monitor satellite movement of then general and his dreaded body guards.

In could recall when Jerry Yusuf of Movement for the Advancement of Democracy, during General Abacha days, ijacked a Nigerian aircraft. Funnily, the hijacker didn’t carry any gun. A mere announcement that the plane had been hijacked, four Nigerian Generals slumped and died. Generals indeed. Academic Generals. I met Jerry Yusuf one on one and asked if he used a gun and he said, carrying a gun into the plane was not part of the plans because it might become more criminal. America killed such a high profile General without losing any soldier but just fire power from the air.

That is what we call revolution.

It is shameful that Nigerians are vibrating and making all the noise simply because Sowore called for revolution and some legal luminaries are even adding their ignorance to says that mere mention of revolution is treasonable felony, shame! A civilized society will ask Sowore to explain what he meant by revolution before jumping like a scout little bit to conclude that he wants to topple government.

We need a revolution away from this sadistic killing of dreams to sustain power.
Till date non one asked why Professor Ayodele Awojobi of Unilag was killed. Till date no one knows where the radio presents Gawati is. Chibok girls were taken hostage by Book Haram insurgents, yet we have a military and Security operatives whose primary duty it is to chase rats in the bush.

I remember those days when DMI was what they call them. Intelligence was superb. The Directorate of Military Intelligence, DMI was manner by the best, not my tribes man, whose loyalty is to me and not Nigeria.

son that we can have well baked primary school pupils that can attempt common entrance examination into secondary school from primary four and five. We need to have secondary school pupils that can attempt and pass GCE from JS 3 our olden days form three. We need a revolution in which Nigerian children will be reoriented towards patriotism and not wealth pursuing. We need a revolution that will chase those shameless Mother’s of Yahoo Boys Association away from the street rather than speak in their defence. Youths want to take up next generation leadership but with this their low level of thinking, fast to crime but slow to nation building.

We need a generation of youths that can build drones or even better equipments that can chase Book Haram and other security breaching organizations into their burrows and destroy them.
Giants of Africa, shameless, lazy people lacking vision for the future. All we want is what we eat today, what becomes of tomorrow does not matter.
We need a revolution of great minds that will ban importation of cars into Nigeria and ask Nigerian technicians to develop made in Nigeria vehicles, built for Nigerian roads and saving our foreign exchange.
We need a revolution of youths that will reject money from politicians and ensure a free and fair election that ushers in men of vision, men with patriotic ideas.

Abacha damned all consequences, shunned America and the rest of the world, dealing only with China and Asia. He was ready to take on America or any external aggressor.
Yet Abacha was brandied, the most corrupt leader.
What is corruption. Is it stealing money alone or killing ideas. The corruption of killing ideas is more dangerous than that of stealing money.
Let’s stop the fight against financial crimes, let’s face aggressively, the technological advancement of Nigeria. Technology will catch economic criminals easily. Was it MIT technology that brought about use of BVN that expose accounts? We need to revolutionalize our priorities by knowing what we need as a nation rather than chasing political opponents in the name of fighting corruption.
God bless Nigeria

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