Unlawful Detention Of Anti Corruption Activist, I.G Wala

by Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

An anti corruption activist and National Convener of the Citizens Action to Tack Nigeria (CATBAN), Ibrahim Garba wala has been unlawfully arrested and illegally detained by the Nigerian Inspector General of Police.

The police allegedly acted on a petition written by the Chairman of National Hajj Commission, Abdullahi Mukar who’s numerous acts of corruption has been consistently exposed by Ibrahim Garba Wala and the Citizens Action To Take Back Nigeria (CATBAN).

CATBAN’s convener popularly known as IG Wala have written several petitions to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other anti graft agencies, detailing how the Chairman of Hajj Commission, Abdullahi Muktar allegedly extorted Nigerian Pilgrims of
huge sums of money, running into multibillion of naira through all kinds of un-receipted fees among others.

In one of the petitions, CATBAN alleged the criminal extortion of N3,078,000,000.00 (Three Billion, and Seventy-Eight Million Naira) for 2015 & 2016 collectively. CATBAN was re-echoing another petition sent to the Federal House of Representatives by a group of Nigerian
citizens living in Saudi Arabia and copied to CATBAN.

CATBAN also alleged the extortion of over N2billion billed as increase of transportation from SR180 to SR360, which was never implemented.

Also, CATBAN further indicated with evidences, how on 27th September 2017, several cheques, running into thousands of dollars were issued to friends of Hajj Commission Chairman as gift and honorarium.

While these petitions were being sent to the anti graft agencies for investigation, some extracted content were being posted on social media by IG Wala, which infuriated the alleged culprit.

In an attempt to stop IG Wala from further exposing his many acts of corruption through the social media, Hajj Commission Chairman filed a defamation suit against IG Wala at the Apo High Court in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital. However, considering the weight of evidences available to CATBAN on the matter, IG Wala was not shaken by the lawsuit, he continued to expose the corruption in Hajj Commission as he prepare to defend himself against the claim of defamation by Abdullahi Muktar.

On 5th December 2017, the matter came up for hearing in court, but while IG Wala was properly represented by 2 lawyers, the Chairman of Hajj Commission Abdullahi Muktar was nowhere to be found. He was neither present nor represented by any lawyer. The matter was further
adjourned till February 2018.

It was however surprising that, the same man who took IG Wala to court and failed to appear to prove his claim of defamation resorted to writing another baseless petition to the Inspector general of police, claiming that the continuous exposition of his many acts of corruption
on social media amounts to threat to his life, thereby requesting the arrest of IG Wala by the police and without minding that the same matter is already in court, the Inspector general of police illegally
arrested Wala on Thursday and has unlawfully kept him behind bars ever

Because the lawsuit initiated by Abdullahi Mukhtar is a personal vendetta, rather than an attempt to clear his name in court and restore his “credibility”, the Chairman knew that he was never going to have his day in court; hence the bogus allegation against IG Wala, which the Inspector General of Police has been used to illegally implement.

It has further been revealed that, since 5th December 2017 when the matter came up in court

and was adjourned to February 2018, Abdullahi Muktar has used the police to unlawfully arrest and detain several staff of Hajj Commission, claiming that they supplied the damaging documents against him to CATBAN.




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