Tyrannical Governance: Kogites Code Name Governor As Ojo

The fear of Governor Bello is the beginning of wisdom, says people of Kogi, a man described as being tyrannical and high handed.


Aliu a resident who spoke with our correspondent said that the security agents have been man haunting anyone who criticize the administration of Governor Bello meeting such with whatever fate he deems fit from torture, beating and incarceration.


He said in view of this, the people no longer call his name direct as they code it as Ojo.


Asked why Ojo, the respondent said it is an escape route away from prosecution because it is easy to deny that he was being addressed since the name in question is Ojo and it is not in any way part of his direct name.


Another resident, Attah said, “It is sad that the man is my brother, he behaves in governance like a thug. He has created fear in the people and behaves as one who does not need us for second term. I am not surprised, luck brought him in and he is overstretching it.


“when you see people stand in twos and threes, they discuss poor governance, unpaid salaries and lack of infrastructures in the state, yet he claims to be in a progressive party. Peope truly call him Ojo, so that they can escape being arrested for calling him bad or criticizing his administration. I have never seen a government so bad as this in Kogi history.



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