Tsaragi-Bacita Bridge Is An Impending Disaster

By Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

Kwara Must Change wishes to call attention of the Kwara State government and the general public to a death trap called bridge being
used by motorist between Tsaragi and Bacita community in Kwara State.

The image attached to this message is a plank bridge constructed by the people of Tsaragi and Bacita community to enable them cross to
each other for daily businesses and other activities. The plank bridge is also being used by vehicles as seen in the attached picture and we
see this as an impending disaster.

Kwara Must Change is of the view, it is shameful that Kwara state has a government that could allow such a disastrous development occur
without feeling any sense of shame or responsibility. The fact that the people has lost so much confidence in the state government to an
extent that they resorted to such a remedy says a lot and we sympathize with the people for their helplessness.

While we maintain that the continuous use of this disastrous bridge, especially by vehicles is dangerous,  we equally call on the Kwara
State government to immediately take up its responsibility and provide alternative road for the people or reconstruct the bridge as soon as

Tsaragi and Bacita are very busy towns, both of whom has a large influx of people trooping in and out on daily basis. To imagine that
these commercial centers are left with no access road is to say the least unfortunate.

Kwara Must Change call on all people of goodwill to help prevail on the Kwara State government to avert the impending disaster that may
occur as a result of such death trap by quickly re-constructing the damaged bridge.

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