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TRIBUTE TO TOBI AMUSAN, Nigerians say Thank you.

Oluwatobiloba Amusan has brought tears of joy on our faces. It is unbelievable that Nigerian National Anthem could be rendered at such a World Athletics championship

Tobi is just one of the youths who chose not to lazy out, engage in Yahoo or prostitution to earn a living. She chose the path of hard work and discipline and it paid off.

This Ijebu girl got more reputation for Ijebu people, for Yoruba race, for herself, her family, her state and Nigeria.

Don’t forget that she is from a gander considered by some as insignificant, so as a female gender, she has made the girls and ladies proud, and has proven that what males had not been able to achieve, a female has done it. She did not just win the feat, she broke an outstanding record.

Tobi, the girl born in Ijebu Ode in 1997 has made Nigerians proud and brought home N65 million, to support our Gross National Product, GNP.

Watching her run and space other athletes, I pray she doesn’t fall down; I saw in her the stature of my daughter, Treasure and I see her demonstrate strength, intelligence, determination and patriotic desire to make Nigeria proud and she did.

I must appreciate her visionary parents who never hindered her from going out for trainings, most parents are too conservative that their children are kept indoor. I can say without fear of contradictions that there are many youths who can run faster that Tobi but whose parent had turned the Satan in their life, keeping them from going out. That is why every supportive parent deserves accolades for allowing their children step out for sport. Mr & Mrs Amusan, God bless you and prolong your lives. You have granted a freedom that earned Nigeria a place of pride in the midst of a war ravaged country as Nigeria.

What are state governments doing about school sports, early child education, about civic education, about Agriculture, about industrialization and technology?  I saw a viral video of a young chap of Tobi’s age bracket, 22, who used crude oil to generate electricity.  I think he is from Abia State. This young man will no doubt ignore or bye pass Nigerian power grid in their own house. Why can’t Nigeria invite the young man to explain how he came about his invention or innovation? May be because he is an Igbo boy?

Tobi Amusan is a home bred Athlete, unlike his brother Anthony Joshua and was discovered by the eagle eyes of great minded coach. She was encouraged to build on her talent and now her talent has brought her not only fame, not only money but a place among record breakers.

When the Nigerian National Anthem was being rendered, tears of surprise and gratitude flowed down Tobi’s eyes.

I cannot but shed tears too because of the love I have for my dear country Nigeria. I shed tears because, people like us are avowed never to leave Nigeria in search of any greener pasture because the pasture here is greener than anywhere.

It would have been a more celebrated news if it’s an American that won the Gold medal but because it’s a black girl that  won the medal for her country, our politicians are yet to come out to appreciate this damsel, the Patriot that gave us recognition in the comity of nations.

Tobi is proudly Nigerian, I watched her lips say God bless Nigeria, my fatherland.

Indeed, we join her to say God bless Nigeria, God bless fatherland.

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