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These youths as leaders of tomorrow?

It is an age long saying that youths of today are leaders of tomorrow and this had come to play in time past as the elderly gladly leave their younger ones to step into their shoes by first lerning the ropes.

The elders of those days, appreciate discipline and ensured that their children imbibe the culture of maintaining value for family name and pedigree. The priority of youths in those days was education as a means of becoming great and impacting on their families, their state and eventually, the nation.

Hard work, integrity and strong vision for the future was their driving force, but today’s youths, think only of how to make money through fast means not minding the consequence of whatever means such wealth come from. An alarming proportion of them involve in money making rituals, code named Yahoo plus. Many of them involve in other forms of crime, armed robbery, cultism, raping and other forms of criminality. Many of our today’s youth are no longer brother’s keeper. Of recent, a sixteen year old secondary school girl sent on an errand by her mother was waylaid by neighbours who should come to her rescue if being attacked by outsider. She was dragged forcefully into an uncompleted building, raped and later butchered like a fowl. The hand was sold for just twenty thousand naira, while the head haven been severed was about being sold when the criminals were apprehended. The killers were not stranger, but a people whom she knew very well and would gladly greet and run errands for as a respectable young girl but they turned out her killers.

Many of today’s youth are heartless, save for a few, which I will describe as pinned down by special talents and these ones are few in number. Not many youths want to earn little incomes for a start, not many will accept volunteering jobs, which pays later than, jobs with regular salaries.Their population has become great such that they forma formidable force, gather money to cause problems in the society, thank God for operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC that chase after them at intervals. The question is how many of them can be arrested for prosecution.

Sadly, some young girls also openly take pride to say their boyfriend is a Yahoo boy and will gladly face the consequences of whatever comes after as long as their immediate wants are being satisfied, finically.

I engaged in one of them recently and asked if she was aware that the boyfriend could even use her for rituals, her response was saddening. “Man is bound to die some day of a type of death, but before I die, at least, I will enjoy myself.” I did background check on this girls parent and her pedigree, I discovered that her parents are averagely okay financially but she was lazy minded and wants to live above funds available to her from parents and relatives.

We heard of children that killed their parents for rituals, how much do we talk about their friends who would be lured away from sight only to be used for rituals. Such friends must have enjoyed from the monies made by these bad boys. There was this story of a girl who had a boy friend that spend on her like its no bodies business, lavishly. All her friends envy her, not know she was dating a money ritualist. One day, she went to visit her boy friend and saw eggs on his dining table. She didn’t even bother to ask the boy if she can eat one of the eggs, perhaps it was even kept for her as a bait. After eating it, she felt pressed and went to toilet only to start laying eggs. She screamed and when the boy went to meet her in the toilet, all he said was, “you ate my egg, you must give back six for me to renew my rituals”. She laid six eggs and went home and when she was feeling dizzy, she opened up to her friends on what happened but died few hours afterwards. These are they youths that we have pampered and nurtured to an age of wickedness.

They saw how the adults flaunt money, weather stolen from government coffers in embezzlement of through bribe taking or other nefarious means. Now the youths had copied the step of criminal minded elders and they are doing worse than their evil mentors.

The apprientices had learn the evil trade and would step into leadership positions, imagine what future it portends for a nation as Nigeria, except God supernaturally intervenes. Many discussants conclude that Nigeria has no future because the expected leaders of tomorrow are too dangerous to lead a nation without setting the country ablaze with their nefarious activities.

To worsen it all, the outgoing leaders are money bags, who got up through several means, haven soiled their hands with blood, by allowing innocent souls to die for lack of appropriate  medical care, so the future leaders think that corruption is a way of life to emulate. Before it is too late, I think the presnt crop of leaders must embark on conscious steps to search for dependable leaders whom they can bequeath the nation’s future to. It is required of every patriot to look in this area.

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