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The Friend of a Thief is a Thief

Few years ago, grandpa told me a story of how he was accused of defaming a high chief in the community.

Gbewiri Ole is a notorious thief in their society and the man is known for his invincibility and black power, even kids now him as a thief but no one ever dared say it to his face.

Gbewiri has lot of money and donates regularly at public functions winning the applaud of the unsuspecting and the vulnerable.

One day, Grandpa said he was invited to ensure the security of a social gathering where personalities are to be made chiefs and high Chief. Getting to the scene, Grandpa discovered that Gbewiri Ole is one of those to be installed as Chief and was visibly disturbed. He told all his warriors to be ready for a big arrest because he was prepared to correct a societal abnormality. As soon as Gbewiri Ole and his team arrived the scene, Grandpa ordered their arrest and all taken into custody. Gbewiri was angry and called for his lawyer but Grandpa arrested the lawyer too and put him in cell.

The King wadded in, expressed anger at Grandpa but Grandpa refused the Kings order to release all arrested and to stop causing disaffection in his town. When Grandpa remain unyielding, the King used his overriding powers and ordered the arrest of Grandpa and he was put in jail, while all those whom he arrested were let go.

The Chieftaincy ceremony took place and all the people celebrated that they know that Chief Gbewiri Ole will win his case against Grandpa because he is well known and has money to buy lawyers and judges . Gbewiri Ole went to court to sue Grandpa for defamation of character and for want of evidence, he was detained for about a month.

One morning, a prison mate was making jest of Grandpa and told him “Warrior, so with all your powers and invincibility, the prison wall can hold you after name calling offense?” Grandpa was angry and told him, “I am a warrior, not a criminal. I am here because I have the discipline of a warrior, discipline is the soul of an Army. Today, I am going home and you will die here shamelessly.” Grandpa made some incantations and he disappeared. Getting home still in his invisible state, Grandpa saw Gbewiri and his boys robbing his house. Gbewiri stole a  wrist watch presented to Grandpa by the King when he conquered at Jalumi war at Kiriji and also stole several items. Grandpa allowed him escape with the items.

Next day, Grandpa who was supposed to be in detention went to the palace. He told the King “Your Highness I come to tell you what I forgot; Gbewiri stole the Wrist Watch that you presented to me when I conquered the Jalumi war. That is my evidence to prove that he is a thief, not qualified to be a Chief in this kingdom.” The King replied, “How did you come out, aren’t you in detention?” Grandpa replied “I was in detention not because prison walls can hold me  back, but If I disobey laws, I cant enjoy command over my troop. It is in obedience to the laws, as a warrior, that I allowed myself in detention, now, no more. I was sent to detention because I had no prove that Gbewiri is a thief as I alleged, now I had to come and give my evidence, so please send men to Gbewiri’s house to see if he truly has the Wrist watch and ask how he came about it.” The king did exactly that, ordered agents to go and search Gbewiri’s house and not only was Grandpa’s wrist watch found in his house, a missing Ancient Crown made of Diamond, which no one knew how it got missing was also found in his house and was arrested immediately. The king then ordered the release of Grandpa and incarceration of Gbewiri. A town hall meeting was arranged and all the people were in attendance.  The town hall was a beehive on this particular day. The King tendered his apology for accusing Grandpa wrongly. Then Grandpa while speaking on the development said “My people I greet you all. It is unfortunate that you all are thieves. I accuse you because you hail the philanthropy of Gbewiri and you people ignored that any gift you get from a thief is stolen and by extension, you all are thieves.

Grandpa reminded the people that all donations made by Gbewiri to town hall purse are all proceeds of his robbery operations and therefore

Gbewiri has indicted the entire village of Feyikogbon as village where thieves are made Chief.

Gbewiri was arraigned and when he came before the judges, he was asked why should he not be jailed for robbery. He replied “I didn’t want to be a thief, I found myself in a society where honesty is not rewarded and only the rich are welcome. Now I joined robbery gangs and rose to become a king pin and every one respects me as somebody of value. Blame me not, blame the society for misplaced priority.

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