Yusuf Bakare

Alhaji Razaq Aremu Gawat has been declared missing since 10th July, 2012 and till date, his relations are still hopeful that he could be found. Some even pray that he is found alive in good health.

His disappearance has made a mockery of Nigeria criminal intelligence capability as there is no clue about him, whether it was a case of kidnap, murder, suicide or even being killed by wild animal.

For many years the question that remain unanswered is Where is Ace Broadcaster Aremu Gawat? Is there any likeness in his disappearance with that of one Apalara also an Islamic cleric in those days?

The Apalara Murder Mystery: Alfa Bisiriyu Apalara (1918 -1953)

In criminal jurisprudence, it was almost a hard nut to crack, to sustain a murder conviction, without the discovery of the murdered person’s corpse- “Corpus delicti”.

Though there was visible blood stain to at least prove that Apalara was killed though till date no one found his corpse too but some persons were suspected, arraigned and convicted for his murder.

There is no prove that Gawat is dead except by passage of time.

Relations faintly keep hope alive that he may be see someday alive.

“There is nothing Allah cannot do, it even small in what he can do”, said a distant family friend who said he is an incurable optimist.

NEWSBEAM also shares the faith that there is nothing that God cannot do.

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