SOS: Public Schools Cry Out



Public schools have been closed for 8 weeks now!!!

Students’ learning halted!!!

Public Schools have cried out via a short notice to the public made available to our office

Private schools trying to teach via social media…

Parents complaining about data, time and electricity for charging the fast deplored batteries on their devices.

What is the fate of public school students education?

*They belong to families that can not afford 3 square meals, not to talk about data, and technology for the children. *

These are primary issues aside from personal problems.

What are ETISALAT, MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, SMILE, etc doing to help with data?

From the boost of their business since this pandemic, why can’t they make data free for students and even donate technology?

Just wondering…

Educators in the house please speak up for your scholars…

*Abimbola Omotoso *
*Director, D.S.E.D. *

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