SDP renews call for LG elections, says APC has disappointed kwarans

Oluseyi Dasilva, Ilorin

The Social Dempocratic Party, Kwara Chapter has berated the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq led All Progressives Congress, APC administration in the state of allowing itself to be bedeviled by what it describes as ‘uneven power game’ to the detriment of the common man, the masses of Kwara state.

The party lamented that the power game at play was not what Kwaran bargained for when APC was voted in as the choice party stressing that it is one thing to seek power and its another thing to live up to expectation of the people.

In a statement, signed by the State Chairman, Hon. Lekan Alabi and made available to our correspondent in Ilorin, the Social Democratic Party sympathize with the people of Kwara state  and the true progressives who took the “Otoge” bold step to effect change but were met with a regrettably disappointing change in power.

“The uneven power game happening in the ruling All Progressives Congress Party in Kwara State is not unexpected. The divorce process of this marriage of convenience, otherwise known as APC started moments after it got power courtesy of the misharp of the purposeless former administration.

“It is one thing to seek for and be entrusted with political power, it is another thing to be able to use the power purposefully for the benefit of all and sundry without rancor. Therefore has never been a coherent leadership but a mortly of thin gods controlling units. In this sort of situation, the centre can never  to deliver or execute any meaniful programme, because as some people are sowing, some others are uprooting.”

The party lamented the disappointing scenario in which the Kwara populace finds itself bearing the brunt of the crises in APC thinking a messiah has come to alleviate their sufferings of time past.

“The Social Democratic Party (SDP) therefore wishes to sympathize with the good people of Kwara state and the genuine progressives in the APC party who are unwillingly entangled in the mess and indeed all lovers of true democracy to come and team up with us in an effort to rescue the down trodden from the clutches of pseudo progressives maquirading themselves as the lovers of the people.”

SDP also acused that the APC government is preventing the people from correcting the mistakes of 2019 which can be done through the deliberate delay refusal to put in place an electoral body to midwife the election talkless of conducting the Local Government elections.

The party therefore  reiterate the call for the state government to put in place machineries for the conduct of local government elections which it said has been long overdue as a genuine aspiration of the people.

“In a vain attempt to prevent the process from correcting the misytakes of 2019 through the local government elections, the APC government has negkected the call to put in place the state electoral body which is empowered to organize the conduct of the local government election.”

You will recall that the crises in the APC kwara state has assumed unpredictable dimension in the removal and counter removal of the state chairman of the party Alh. Bashir O. Bolarinwa, BOB a thing that has factionalised the party into more than two.

It is obvious some factions operate from Abuja, another faction claimed to be on the side of Governor AbdulRazaq while the youths are also divided in a situation that observers are already predicting possibility of violence should there be a platform for all to meet which is the reason the national echelon of the party ban all form of media chat unti further notice.

However, an opinion leader, Jamiu Abdulrauf in his submission over the developments in APC lamented that the purpose of the “Otoge” campaign seem defeated as the lingering APC crises constitute cog in the wheel of progress in the state. He made a call on well meaning Kwarans to wade into the crises before it gets worse in a way that the people of kwara, the grass under the ground where elephants fight will lose out instead of reaping dividend of democracy in the state.

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