Saraki Followers Remains Determining Force In Kwara Politics – APC Stalwart, PDP Chieftain

Followers of late Dr Olusola Saraki has remained united and resolute as the only political structure in kwara politics that is solid unscathed ever since the demise of their leader.

This political structure presently headed by the son of the late political icon who happens to be the present Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, CON, an All Progressives Congress, APC stalwart in Nigeria has its members scattered across political parties in the state.

Speaking recently with our Correspondent at different for a, the Chairman of Oke Ero Local Government Area, Hon. Oni, Adebayo Joseph of APC and Chief Rex Olawoye, the People’s Democratic Party Publicity Secretary in Kwara State expressed that followers of late Dr. Olusola Saraki popularly called sarakites are spread all over the political parties in the state.

In his own comment, Chief Rex Olawoye said that he has no regrets being a Sarakite and still remains a member despite being in a different political party from that of Dr Bukola Saraki the leader of the Sarakite.

Bello rejected claims that the Senate President is the leader of the Sarakite stressing that just a few of the Sarakites followed Bukola to APC,  affirming that he is still a proud associate of the political structure adding that the group remains a force to reckon with in Kwara politics.

He was of the opinion that their leader Olusoa Saraki died as a PDP member and that he remains where the leader left him adding that any true follower of Saraki should not have left the party which their leader introduced them into, no matter what.

In his opinion at a separate interview, the Chairman of Oke Ero local government, Mr Adebayo Oni also affirmed that Saraki political structure remains the only structure that is formidable in the state but insisted that APC is the leading structure in the state and that there is no opposition party to reckon with.

Buttressing his point, Oni said that the opposition aspirant who contested against him in the last election that brought him in as chairman of Oke Ero local government had decamped into his party All Progressives Congress, APC.

The Local Government Chairman said that the progress made so far in the state and beyond was due to the oneness of the Saraki political structure created by the present leader of the group whose acumen has in no little way united all its members giving them purposeful leadership.

Speaking on the prospect of the party in coming elections, Adebayo Oni said that it was normal for some people to aspire into positions and snatch power from the ruling party but added that the success enjoyed by Saraki political structure was the network it has across the nation.

He maintained that their leader, Dr. Bukola Saraki has built a formidable structure beyond Kwara state which can be seen in his present engagement as president of the 8th Senate in Nigeria.

Asked to speak on the candidacy of President Muhamadu Buhari in 2019 elections, Oni said that whatever the party structure decides at the top is what they are prepared to abide by at the grass root level.

Also speaking on the local government autonomy as supported by the Senate President, Adebayo Oni said that the leader has been doing what he deems right for the people and that with God on their side, his party will not commit unnecessary mistakes.

On the enormity for work in his local government, Oni was of the opinion that the administration of a local government is a continuous issue and that God who made him the Chairman will see him through the task ahead.





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