Restructuring: OPC Lends Support, Cautions against Hate Speeches

Oodua People’s Congress, OPC New Era has declared support to restructure Nigeria as a way of bringing a lasting peace and desired unity among Nigerians.

The Congress said that the various component tribes in Nigeria had lived together in ignorance of reasons for doing so adding that the restructuring will bring about the definition of terms and laws regarding our continued co-existence.

The Kwara State Coordinator of OPC, Comrade Bayo Ifabiyi who made this declaration in a chat with some Journalists in Ilorin said that witch-hunting each other is a function of hatred and lack of proper understanding of the reasons the creator brought us together, adding that there is need for Nigerian leadership to create a platform to create awareness on these and sensitize the people on how to live peacefully together.

Ifabiyi reiterated that it must be made clear that no tribe is superior to others just as no race in the world is superior to any but added “in as much as we want to live together as a people with different religious beliefs, cultural and traditional differences, we must learn to accept each other, understand each other and live with each other. This idea of one tribe feeling that they are the superior people should never be encouraged”

The OPC Co-ordinator lambasted political leadership in Nigeria as being the beneficiary of the crises and also as the originator of it all. He said “Our political leaders are the ones behind all these crises. They are the ones who blackmail other tribes when getting to their people but underground they are holding nocturnal meetings among themselves. All they want is to widen the gap of friendship between the people, a kind of dividing us to rule us. Go to the markets, I have Hausa and Igbo traders sharing the same shop without quarrel. Yoruba traders have Igbo traders as very intimate ally, keeping the money for each other without trouble but when the politicians come, they will say Hausa hate Igbo, Igbos hate Yoruba, they are betrayers, all these are their definition and they should stop it for peace to reign.”

Bayo Ifabiyi who is also the national treasurer of OPC New Era said that the yearnings and aspiration of some Igbo people under the auspices of Independent People of Biafra, IPOB is a legitimate one but the manner of approach is wrong adding that government should look into their complaints and seek a way of pacifying them.

In his words “they IPOB people under Kanu, though not all of them see things with Kanu, they are not mad people, they have a point only that the manner in which they go about it is wrong. The government of Buhari should find a way of listening to them and finding a solution to the cause of their anger.”

On whether he would support Nigeria to disintegrate, he said “God forbid. Nigeria will not split because God has a reason to have brought us together, but we must also sit down and fashion a way to move forward as a united entity. These Politicians are the ones benefiting from all the problems.

Ifabiyi used the opportunity to send greetings to all Muslim faithful on the celebration of the eid festival charging them to pray for Nigeria and peace in the land.

He said with OPC New Era, under the leadership of Alhaji Razak Arogundade, the congress is determined to move Yorubaland forward and better adding that the new leadership have better vision for the Yoruba race within and outside, noting  that the ousted leaders, Gani Adams and Dr Fasheun who started well but got stuck up in the loins of Politicians who lured them with money and contracts.

He prayed for President Buhari and urged Nigerians to give him desired support as leadership success is the collective effort of us all. He said “If we refuse to cooperate with Buhari, the failure will not make him less a big man, rather we the masses will be the ones to suffer more for his failure, so it is wise for us to support him to succeed and that is why we have to mind what we say just because there is freedom of speech and of association. Freedom without control is a chaos.”

Ifabiyi also enjoined security operatives to be watchful of those ritualists in town that hide under the guise of being religious persons. He said a ritualist is an evil person adding that such persons should not be accorded religious respect but be treated as the criminals that they are.

He cited a recent case of a so called cleric caught with human body  parts at Oloje area of Ilorin but which some people are shielding him as being a cleric adding that such persons are criminals and should be so treated and prosecuted.

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