Parties Swap in Kwara As PDP, APC Exchange Barton. ……ex-PDP Chairman Oyedepo says sun sets for party

Members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State might have decided to decamp into All Progressives Party (APC) as majority of their members took that decision yesterday.


Former Chairman of the party; Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo who took the membership of APC declared that the sun for the PDP in the state has finally set.


However, in what looked like a swap, all the members of the APC in the House of Assembly except one also dumped their party for the PDP on the floor of the House yesterday.


Oyedepo in a statement jointly signed his secretary, Lateef Alakawa and himself said; “With the defection of the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki and his cronies into the PDP in Kwara State, the sun has set on that party in the State.


“I have said it repeatedly that darkness and light cannot co-habit. The clown adept at political manipulation represents sour taste in the mouth of the people of Kwara for the past 16 years.


Also at the House of Assembly, Speaker; Rt. Hon. Honourable Ali Ahmad said the exploits of members since they left PDP in 2014 to join APC had been a sad story.


He said to show that their collective defection back was freely done which explained for why they were not harassed because the House was not cordoned off by security operatives.


The speaker said; “I was terribly sad in 2014 when Iwas leaving PDP for APC. Today, I am happy to be back. I wish I never left”.


The House Leader; Hon Hassan Oyeleke had earlier submitted a letter signed by 23 out of 24 members indicating  their resolve to dump APC to join PDP


However, the former PDP chairman in his statement said; “We the brand of politicians that build PDP Kwara to a mass movement cannot be part of the odor emitting from the party henceforth,” the statement added.


According to the statement, the leadership of the PDP in Kwara State had warned the national leaders not to pollute the party already destined to win the 2019 elections in the state.


“We warned the national leadership of the party not to pollute the party heading for victory in the state in 2019, they said they must compulsorily wrap our work with stench.


“If the party has lost Ekiti, Ondo and Edo since 2015 elections; the party has no hope in Kwara in 2019. In Kwara State, we are fighting a cause of liquidating a political godfatherism that has turned dynastic.


“I and not less than 85 percent of all the structure and members of the PDP at all levels in the State must take our exist at the appearance of this darkness.


“It sad that most members of the PDP were forced into the party because the likes of Bukola Saraki was admitted into the APC in 2013.We have therefore moved into our natural habitat. Let nobody bother us with 80/40% sharing ratio, even if sharing ratio is 90/10% in our favour, we shall still not do political business with Dr Bukola Saraki.

“We detest his politics that is devoid of principle, character and integrity. APC here we come. Together, we shall free our State from years of misgovernment,” Oyedepo declared.



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