Oro Kingdom: Lai Mohammed’s Kinsmen at War Over Supreme Court’s Judgment

Oro Descendants union, where the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed hails from is at war over a recent supreme court judgment over the right to use prefixes behind Oro as the name of their town.

The group described a newspaper published by a segment of Oro Kingdom, Otun – Oro as mischievous, misleading and misrepresentation of Supreme court judgment over its matter.

The group in a press conference recently at the NUJ Press Centre in Ilorin said that in Yoruba history, Oro land has always been known to be made up of nine component towns including two new ones that just joined the union recently adding that for Otun-Oro to decide and single themselves out as the only community to bear Oro without a prefix or suffix to identify them is out of place, unacceptable and a misrepresentation of supreme court ruling.

Speaking at a press conference the Alhaji U. T. Mohammed, National President of Oro Descendants’ Union, ODU said that : “In clear terms, Otun – Oro is laying claims to our ancestral name, Oro and this is a clear deviation from the norm.”


He further explained that Otun – Oro had gone to court seeking to monopolize the name Oro for itself, whereas nine towns and villages make up the Kingdom called Oro Kingdom and the communities include Ijomu – Oro, Iludun – Oro, Okeola – Oro, Agbeola – Oro, Iddo – Oro, Afin – Oro, Irebode – Oro,  Okerimi – Oro and Otun – Oro that is brewing the controversy while all of them are under the authority of Oloro of Oroland Oba Abdulrafiu Olaniyi Ajiboye, Oyelran 1.

Also corroborating this claim by the National President, Prince Jide Titiloye, an indigene of Otun – Oro explained that the whole scenario was started by some overzealous and disgruntled elements in a manner that could jeopardize the peace of the region for a selfish reason.

He further explained that efforts have been put in place while committees are also set up to meet stakeholders so that the peace of the area will not be jeopardized over this flimsy issue.

The group’s effort was backed by a signed attestation of support by all paramount rulers in the community including Oloro of Oro land as the leader in the Kingdom.

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