Omicron Is real, Get Vaccinated – NGO Sensitize Civil servants

Yusuf Bakare

A Non Governmental organization, BAZARAB EDUCATIONAL  FOUNDATION has said that Omicron, the newly discovered variant of the pandemic, COVID 19 is real and prevailent in Nigeria and Kwara State in particular.

Speaking at a sensitization lecture organized at the conference hall of the Kwara State Ministry of Education, Dr Zainab Bolajoko Balogun, who is the conveyner, explained some symptoms of Omicron infection and what to do to prevent the spread.

Balogun stated that Omicron spread like wild fire, much faster than COVID 19 adding that the virus is easier to contact than the earlier variants of COVID 19 and that throat dryness, persistent cough, increasing body temperature and many other symptoms that can be found in Malaria are also found in this virus.

She pleaded that the best medial advisory to whoever experiences any of these symptoms is to go for medical examinations to have an assurance of state of medical fitness and treat what ever was discovered.

Balogun, arrow head of the NGO, who is also a Deputy Director, EMIS/ Head of unit in the Kwara State Ministry of Education & Human Capital Development, Ilorin advised participants to invest in their medical status regularly adding that she does hers twice in a year.

“I go for medical examination every year. I detoxicate myself regularly, sometimes, once a year, other times, twice.”

She further added that the cost ignoring ones health status can be far more than what is expended on regular medical checks, for early detection of infections.

She explained that despite regular checks on her status and haven completed her dosage of the COVID 19 vaccination up to the third jab, she contacted COVID 19 twice in 2021 and early this year and that once one is vaccinated, treatment becomes a lot easier, stating maximum of four days, when infected.

“Please, I don’t want anybody to die. Omicron is real, COVID 19 is very real. The third dose of the vaccines had arrived. I was a victim, I contacted COVID 19 twice in 2020 and even last year despite taking the vaccines, I contacted it making three times.”

She warned participants that many of their friends could be carriers of the virus, without it showing on faces, adding that regular wearing of face mask and strict adherence to medical advisory on hand washing will help a long way.

Dr Balogun also said that once she reaches her home daily, she removes the mask, her clothes and whatever could cause trasmition of the virus from outside into her home adding that it is a routine in the home which every member of the family strictly observe.

She re-emphasized the need for participants to get vaccinated, praising the health team of kwara State Government for efforts at making the vaccines available in designated places like Ministry of Health, Sobi Specialist Hospital, Alagbado, Civil Service Clinic and other places, urging participants to avail themselves of these opportunities while it lasts and to be safe and as well save others.

“Please also take your children for vaccination. US, UK and other had started vaccinating their children from ages 9 -10. Children could bring this virus. Ministry of health opens 8.00am and close 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Please get vaccinated along with your children and grand children too. This pandemic is a serious issue, I have gone on air several times, even yesterday someone was on air for the same purpose. I have been going places to create this awareness on this matter.”

The conveyner said that, according to the World Health Organization, WHO, more variants of COVID 19 are coming, so she urged participants, especially people above age of 50 to please get vaccinated and to please sensitize other members of the public as well as colleagues from other ministries and let the news that Omicron is real spread to prevent the spread of the deadly virus among the people.

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