Olupako Stool: Ajikanje family sues for justice

Yusuf Bakare

The Ajikanje descendants in the lineage of Dada Ruling House has called on stakeholders in Share town in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara state to disregard the claim by one Surveyor Adediran and his cohorts as the sole contestant from the ruling house as published in a national daily on Wednesday 9th September, 2020.

In a statement signed by the spoke person of the family, Idris Olatunji Aderounmu, the family stated that  the claim by Johnson Adediran who is also known as Baba Meta is false and that he is does not belong to Dada Ruling House especially the Ajikanje lineage.

Aderounmu said whoever wants to claim right to the throne of Olupako must have links to the Dadas or the Dosunmus.

He added that the family is piping low by not presenting  any candidate because they are low not sounding prejudicial as there are pending court cases, reiterating that there are overwhelming evidences to prove that Johnson Adediran and one Azeez Abolaji are not from Ajikanje lineage.

“The so called Johnson Adeniran or Adediran was disclaimed as far back as year 2014 by the Ajikanjes for his various dubious land deals. He could not trace his root to the Ajikanje lineage of Dada Ruling House of Share.

“The Dadas are of two family it’s either you are of Ajikanje that is based in Ile Oluloke Share or the Oyadeyi, another child of Dada that are in Babanloma. These two, Oyadeyi and Ajikanje are children of Olupako Dada that reigned within 1835 to 1874. Johnson Adediran is not one of us and this is a fact that is well known to the community. He is a usurper that wants to take from where he does not belong.

“Once again, we would like to make it abundantly clear that the so called Abolaji Azeez and Johnson Adediran are not part of Ajikanje family. Both of them are impostors who could not prove their relationship with Ajikanje family. How could someone without any link to the Royal family ever think he would be taken seriously as a contestant to the stool of Olupako of Share?” The family submitted.

The family therefore implored the State Government to look inward and make further inquiries especially from the people in Share, so as to be well guided on the issue of selection and the appointment of the new Olupako of Share.

The Aderounmus added “We would want the kingmakers to follow the part of being good patriots by obeying the court’s order having received a writ of summons and motion on notice to halt the selection process of a new king as the case is in high court, Ilorin.

“It could be recalled that upon the death of the late king Oba Abubakar Garuba Dosunmu the family of Ajikanje in Shaare unanimously chose a candidate, Prince Aderounmu Kazeem, a Lagos based journalist whose link to our great grandfather, Ajikanje is obvious and his candidature was supported and duly signed by all other members of the family.

“Upon his presentation the community as a whole including those living outside Kwara state are well pleased with our choice.” Aderounmu said.

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