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Nigeria can still be a better place

By Thomas Taiye Helen


Making Nigeria a better place also means building a better you and I, the strength of a nation is dependent on the character and ways of life of her people. The needed change we are all clamoring for cannot just happen overnight, we have to do our own bit.

Looking at developed countries all over the world, we will discover that their success lies in their belief in their country and placing the right leaders in the right position. Some citizens of this country on their own part don’t believe in the country and this is why they keep destroying the infrastructures put in place by the leaders. People that believe in the success of their country will not be destroying things put in place by her leaders.

Nigeria is a blessed nation, there is no single State that is not blessed with one natural resources or the other, but this resources are been mismanaged by our leaders. Every State can conveniently survive with their own natural minerals without relying on the Federal seat. But it is such a shame that because of bad leadership we live in the reverse order.

Americans wake up every day and say: “God bless America”  we can also imbibe this and bless our country daily rather than cursing her and doing things that are detrimental to her growth.

For Nigeria to be a better place for us all to live in, we must all take the responsibility of making it an habitable place for ourselves, by the way we relate with one another in love and unity not leaving all the responsibility in the hands of our leaders. As we are leaders in one place or the other, as a parent, the first child in a family, religious heads, school teacher, prefects, admin body and so. The way we manage our leadership position in that little corner of ours go a long way to determine the way our country will be. The success and growth of Nigeria is in our hands.

Thomas Taiye Helen, SS 2 Arts, Bishop Smith Memorial College, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. A winner among SHARON GRACE MEDIA LTD prize

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