Nigeria at 59: NGO urges youth to deviate from drugs, violence for a better nation

Funmi Lawrence


As Nigeria marks her 59th independence anniversary, Advocacy for Positive Behavioural Patterns Initiative, an NGO has called on Nigerian youths to deviate from drugs and all forms of violence to have a better nation.


Mr Bamidele Mann, Director, Campaign Team of the organisation made this known in Nyanya on Tuesday during its sensitisation programme to commemorate the 2019 Independence Day.


The programme which has its theme:’ Abhor Violence and Crime’ is aimed at reaching the grassroots to shun crimes.

Mann also called on all Nigerians both home and in diaspora, irrespective of ethnicity, culture and religion to project the image of the country in a good light.


” Over the years, youths are involved in drugs. Though drug itself is not bad, it is used to cure ailment but the moment you abuse its intake, it becomes a crime.


” For example, tramadol and codeine are not bad but it becomes bad when you misuse it. This is because i have carried out a research that catarrh can be cured with use of codeine but an overdose of it results to drug abuse.


” At 59, we still have lots of youths that are still engaged in drug abuse and violence but this cannot produce anything good and does not also bring about development.”


Mann, therefore, charged the youths to embrace peace and abor violence and crime because they are the leaders of tomorrow.


Also, Mrs Okiemute Olori, Chief Executive Officer, Kiddies Heritage, an NGO called for unity in diversity as the country lived together in oneness to be a better people.


Olori noted that for the country to be a better place, it would start from everyone while calling on the youths to live and grow above the situation they find themselves.


” Our tongues may differ but we must individually rise above the situation. This is because personal choice is the key to development and success in life.”


Meanwhile, participants at the programme lamented the level of violence attributed to the involvement of youths in the society.


Miss Mandu Akpan, who commened the organiser for bringing the campaign to their doorstep pleadged to be of positive influence to her environment irrespective of the ugly situation around the country.


“The circumstances around me actually makes me feel bad because I see young people of my age behaving like nuisance and this makes people feel they are not protected in their own place.


” This is a wake up call for all of us to begin to engage ourselves by helping one another to deviate from crimes, drug abuse and violence.”


Also, Prince Felix promised to take the campaign to the next level by engaging his peers who were involved in drugs and keep sensitising them on the negative implications of drug abuse not only to themselves but the society at large.

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