NANS Endorse Saraki, Say’s his Credentials, Antecedents Stand Him Out

Students under the aegis of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS on Friday declare their support for the ambition of Dr Bukola Saraki, Senate President of Nigeria.

The student body said that as intelligent future leaders, they have understudied all national leaders vis a vis their credentials, Dr Bukola Saraki stands out among others and is worthy of being their leader.

Speaking during a press confererence at the NUJ Press Center Comrade Adebayo kayode Joshua, public relations  Officer of the National Association of Nigerian Students, Zone C explained the resolve of his association to support Saraki because has demonstrated courage and love for the country with selfless service.

Kayode said: “Dr Saraki brings excellent credentials to Nigeria politics being a charismatic leader as he is. Saraki’s uncommon leadership style and youth oriented programmes targeted at providing enabling environment to all and sundry.”

“His quality leadership style and legislative activities in the 8th Senate are unequaled. He is a consummate leader.”

The NANS Public Relations officer said: “though it may appear as if students are playing politics, the truth is, we are are not playing politics; we are only expressing our right as mature students who have the right to vote and also have the right to prefer a candidate, freely express that right in our preference for Dr Bukola Saraki based on our academic understanding of his capability among all his colleagues in the nation’s political space.”

The eloquent student union leader also said: “though this zone of our association has just twenty-five thousand membership, we have been networking with our parents and stakeholders so that they can see reasons with us and buy into our project over Saraki. Each of the students will render nothing less than another hundred persons from their various communities, influence their friends, even from other zones in the country and make his project a reality. I believe in the multiplier effect of networking, s student, you don’t underrate us.”

“As critical stakeholders in the country’s scheme of things, we have watched, with keen interest, Saraki’s political ideology, which revolves around the need to provide an egalitarian society. Those who are privileged to have direct contact interface with the distinguished Senate President will surely agree with us that he is a man with a very large heart as portrayed in his expressed belief in the welfare of youths and their capacity building.”

“we as students have more than a passing interest in 2019 general elections, particularly as regards to Kwara State. We want a square peg in a square hole and we have weighed each party in Kwara Central Senatorial district vis a vis the various candidates presented by the parties, the People’s Democratic party candidate is our preferred choice with his experience in public service and administration.”

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