Looming Danger: Just Before Ilorin Overhead Bridge Caves In

Oluseyi Dasilva



Some motorists and other road users have raised alarm over the imminent danger of collapse posed by the fly over at the post office axis of Ilorin to them.

Mrs Florence Igwe drew the attension of our correspondent to the fact that at night, long heavy duty trailers pass on top of the fly over against the initial plans by the Construction Company and government.

She took our correspondent to a spot on top of the bridge where the bridge seems to have created an interlock space that look like a depression, stating “if care is not taken, the caving in could start from that spot and only God knows the danger it could pose in a near future.”

Another observer in the neighbourhood, David Joseph also pointed out that since the barer placed to curb trailers from passing on top of the bridge fell down, the careless night travelers among the trailer drivers do pass on top of the bridge, calling the attension of relevant authorities to take necessary action on the bridge.

He also pointed the need for street lighting on the bridge so that late night user would be safe on the bridge and also see clearly the difference between the bridge and its marked out portions.

David said that most drivers often run into the divider unknowingly because the place is usually dark at night, “questioning how long the bridge is that the government cannot erect street light on top of the bridge for night usage.

Community Reports visited the fly over and noticed all that the callers made mention of and wishes that relevant authorities look into issues raised before a crises beyond repairs come up.

The consensus of opinion is the need for adequate maintenance and installation of traffic guides and barricades on the bridge for day and night users of the fly over because there are thousands of people who make a daily living legally or illegally under the fly over, whose life could be at risk should there be a disaster.



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