Kwarans Berate Low Government Presence At Bamigboye’s Burial … with Pictures of Who is Who in Attendance



Kwarans have reacted to the manner in which the burial of the first Military Governor of Kwara State, who is also an indigene was handled.


A cross session of Kwarans said aside the expectation that Gen David Bamigboye’s burial ought to have been a state burial, the presence of high powered delegation and entourage should have made it more befitting of a statesman whose pioneering contribution to Kwara remains an indelible mark in the state.


Mr Femi Illiyas  a Computer   engineer said: “see how many vehicles followed General Bamgboye as if he is a common man. People are even asking who is it that died? A befitting burial would have added more to the political value of the governor more so that he is also an Igbomina man, this is least expected.”


Another respondent Kunle Oyekanmi who lamented the poor road safety arrangement on the roads leading to the church said “ Preparations for the burial doesn’t depict that of a man who pioneered governance in the state. This road leading t the church ought to have been cleared as early as possible so that those road users who are competing on the tiny route to the church will seek a different route to the church and perhaps change their routes if they cannot stay calm on the state road. It only shows that the government was not proud of General Bamigboye nor his achievements as to warrant a befitting burial in his home state.”


In his sermon Archbishop of Olusegun Adeyemi of the Kwara  Province of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) lamented the influence of occultism in church and political circle in the country.


Adeyemi who said occultism is a sin that would bar people from entering the kingdom of God expressed regret that many Christian leaders who know are aware of this still engage in occutic activities.


Speaking at the commendation service held for the late first military governor of Kwara  state,  Brigadier-General David Lasisi Bamigboye at St Barnabas  Cathedral Church in Ilorin the Archbishop said that many clergymen belong to secret cults while also alleging that some of them “sleep with demons on the seaside to obtain  power.”


Speaking on the political circle the cleric said that occultism was also well embraced to the extent that many in the circle believe they must belong to a secret cult before they could be successful in their Christian journey.


Adeyemi however warned that membership occult group is not what a Christian should see or maintain saying it disqualifies a person from entering heaven.


He advised those maintaining the membership to quit without entertaining fear of a negative consequence saying that he knows many who have quitted occultism and yet have nothing to suffer for their decision.


The Archbishop who also said  that pride and unforgiveness debars many from the Kingdom of God  advised people to worship God without pride and to forgive one another as commanded in the scriptures.


Adeyemi who commended service of Bamigboye to the state advised that people should seek for forgiveness of the wrongs they committed while in service so that the wrongs do not stand against them on the judgement day.




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