Kwara Will Pay Minimum Wage, But Right Sizing May Be Inevitable – Lola Asiru, Senator – Elect

The Senator – Elect of Kwara South Senatorial district, Architect Lola Asiru has lamented tSenator-Electimum wage will not be in the best interest of Nigerian workers.

Speaking at his Offa country home on Sunday to some journalists Architect Lola Asiru said that ripple effect of the salary will have most likely have some negative effect on Nigerians rather than be a blessing.

He said that prices will sky rocket and those who do not earn minimum wage will bear the brunt of the various increment in prices of goods in the market aside the fact that employers of labour in the private may have to close shop if forced to comply with the new minimum wage.

The Senator – Elect added that he would not be surprised if states have to right size their work force so that they can have only staff required for the work on theor pay roll.

He said that Kwara State government would likely be apart of states to comply with the payment of the minimum wage since it is a constitutional issue but it should also be expected that the government might have to right size its work force adding that most states cannot afford the new wage for six months into the new regime.

Lola Asiru however assure Kwarans of better economic growth and Infrastructural development by the in-coming administration.

He promised to ensure a good rapport with the press and as well carry the people along in all activities concerning the development of Kwara South Senatorial district.

He promised to design a programme to ensure all non- functional projects are resuscitated to enable people benefit from them adding that good and holistic assement of the senatorial Districts will be done to ensure necessary corrections are carried out.

On the issue of Senate leadership, Senator Ashiru noted that the incoming senators will not allow a repeat of what transpired in the outgoing senate in which a minority party was allowed to lead those in majority .

Asiru also hinted that both technocrats and politicians will be incorporated in the scheme of things to ensure better development of the state while urging all Kwarans to support the incoming administration towards ensuring better development of the state.


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