Kwara Government set to reduce out of school children, commends women in children upkeep, training


The Commissioner, Ministry of Social Development, Mrs. Deborah Abosede Aremu has said that the Governor AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman led administration is cognizant of the role of woman in the total development of the child.
Aremu expressed her awareness that women bears the most burden when it comes to child upbringing and upkeep which is the reason her ministry will stop at nothing to assist the women as well as their children as a way of creating a better society.

The Commissioner made this remarks when members of CIVIL SOCIETY ACTION COALITION ON EDUCATION FOR ALL (CSACEFA) paid her a visit in her office on Thursday to seek her support for their programmes aimed at bettering the life of children and mothers in the state.

The commissioner said that government is set to look into reducing the number of children that are out of school by creating a forum for empowering mothers and taking care of their children.

She said there was need to discourage children of school age from hawking during school period adding that she is aware that most children have turned bread winners of the homes by hawking adding that government will do all it could to empower mothers in a way to be able to support their homes and take proper care of their children.

She agreed that government alone cannot do all the work therefore seeking the support of Non-Governmental organizations, NGOs like CSACEFA and all others even the private sector that are willing to assist in rebuilding the state while also commending the pioneering efforts of CSACEFA in matters of education in the state.

The commissioner further said that areas like skills acquisition and empowerment for women has always been a priority of government but the government of AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman is ready and willing to do more because the children are the future of the state and nation at large.

She said that the government is making moves to go to grassroot so that Kwaran who were not enjoying support from government would now feel a sense of belonging, a deviation from what used to start and end in the urban areas in times past.
Earlier in her opening remarks, Hajia Nimat Labaika, CSACEFA Coordinator in the state highlighted the importance of basic education for children as the essential foundation that takes them through other advancement in their educational pursuit adding that foundation matter in the building of not only physical structures but also in education.

Hajia Labaika reiterated the role of women in the upkeep and molding of the life of children therefore requiring support to make mothers and children enjoy dividends of democracy under the Governor AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman led administration.

The CSACEFA Coordinator stated that children well brought up and trained today becomes mothers and fathers of tomorrow having direct bearing on the future of the nation buttressing the rationale for her call for the empowerment of women through skill acquisition.

She called for a programme to ensure the empowerment of women in the state as a means of getting a better life for the women and children lamenting that children in rural areas do not enjoy the impact of government as mush as they should.

She mentioned that her organization has enjoyed collaboration with Ministry of Social Development, formerly Women Affairs in times past especially in a particular case when a victim of sexual abuse and assault was raped and later set ablaze by her attackers in Offa, Kwara state but in which their joint collaboration helped to get the culprits to face the wrath of the law despite that the case had earlier been swept under carpet.

She sought the support of the Hon Commissioner in the ensuring that the Child Right Act in the state becomes effective and functional as this will ensure all children have access to quality Education to better their future.

Also in his contribution Dr Adewusi Adeola of Centre for Appropriate Technology for Rural Women(CAPTEC) buttressed the presentation Hajia Labaika adding that there is need to empower mothers of victims of abuse so that they would be able to take proper care of the victims of the abuse and that it will assist in reducing crime in the society.

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