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Kwara Fuji Musicians Elect New Officers; Poised To Parley Government On Nation Building.

Yusuf Bakare

Kwara Chapter of the Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria, FUMAN, has elected new set of executives to run the affairs of the association for another term has expressed the resolved to take its rightful place in society building by commending the good and speaking up where it is necessary.

King Jamiu Ayinde Aloba, the newly elected Governor of the Association made this declaration during a courtesy call on our correspondent in Ilorin stressing that Fuji musicians as society builders through the composition of their songs can and will do all it can in collaborating with the government in power both at the state as well as at the federal level.

Aloba who was in company of all other members of his executives said that the time has come for Nigerians to receive wake up call to patriotic values in a manner that all citizens will know their rightful duties and responsibilities to the nation, to their state and to fellow humans through Fuji music.

The FUMAN Governor said that it is painful that musicians now adays abandone their social responsibility of advising the people and government about roles to play but decide to just entertain and make people laugh instead of creating room for sober reflection.

“I am not saying that ‘saje’ music is wrong entirely but we need to put nation building first and speak to national and state issues when it is necessary. Unfortunately many of our musicians prefer to just entertain the people, even when they know that all is not well.”

Ayinde Aloba expressed his resolve to make a difference in the Fuji music industry by collaborating with government over the welfare of its members, sensitizing them on their role for the present generation, playing their part effectively.

He lamented the decadence in the society blaming it all on the refusal of musicians and parents in giving caution where it is necessary adding that the outer society is a reflection of what the home is.

He called on parents, government and religious leaders to preserve the values of Africa by picking what is good in the white man’s culture and sticking to our moral values in the interest of the future of our country.

“It is a popular saying that one parent gives birth to a child but the whole world trains up the child, but that was in the past, now parents go to harass and at times beat up teachers for daring to beat up their children for wrong doings in school. All these new found attitude to child upbringing are borrowed cultures of the white and we should learn to imbibe what is good for us and let our values take the first place.”

The Fuji maestro used the opportunity to caution musicians from being partisan politicians adding that though when a government is doing well, musicians can sing their praise in a way that encourages them to do more rather than telling them lies when they are not performing. “As Musicians, it is not normal for us to play politics in a way that we ignore the suffering of the people but to efficiently criticize government constructively as partners and not as enemies. If we speak the truth, without political bias, no government will accuse us of working for their opposition. That is why we are making efforts to be different and parley with government to build the state.”

In his own contribution, Jimoh Babalola the newly elected General Secretary of the Association popularly known as MC Pomping said that the new executives have come to prove that Fuji is a genre of music that has a lot to offer the society beyond just entertainment.

He stressed that only the talented can be a Fuji musician because the nature of the music takes the listeners from mere listening into philosophy of life.

He made a compares of legends like late Sikiru Ayinde aka Barrister, Alhaji Kolawole Ayinla aka Kolington,Wasiu Ayinde aka KWAM 1 and many of the great masters whose songs are both entertainment and philosophy adding that it is high time we all put heads together to make our nation great again.

He said “All past executives did wonderfully well but this our regime will do all we can to use music to build a better society and at the same time entertain the Nigerian people at home and abroad.”

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