KOLA ANIMASHAUN …. The Voice of Reason

KOLA ANIMASHAUN …. The Voice of Reason


It is appointed for everybody to die someday as everyone will surely die but some death is one too many.

Eighty years, too young for a Journalist of Kola Animashaun’s stature in the Pen Profession to die. The news made me tremble as fear gripped me. Death is not strange but when THE VOICE OF REASON DIES, every dissenting voice would come up seeking recognition and some forcing themselves on the people to be recognized.

The Yorubas say “Agba ko si ni ilu, ilu baje, bale ile ku, Ile di ahoro” meaning when there are no elders in the society, chaos sets in, the head of the family dies the family becomes desolate. When elders that have true vision cease  to exist in the society, the youths can no longer leave at easy because those who should guide them from experience are no more. I remember how I craved to read VOICE OF REASON in my school days and formed a model from that as I compare the write-ups with those sayings of the then Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo and I conclude that only the fool speaks differently, voices of reason flow along the same path.

Baba Kola Animashaun, one death, too many at a time like this when he is most needed as a pillar to the upcoming generation of Journalists. Much needed at a time when ethics and discipline is fast being neglected in the practice of the noble profession.

I feel so sad that a General in the Pen Profession, a warrior per excellence died without a single bullet hitting him. I am sure his diary will read, I came, I saw and I conquered.

It will be out of place to say, “Ma j’okunrun, ma j’ekolo” as Yoruba people say it, meaning don’t eat millipede and don’t eat earthworm on the way to heaven, whatever they eat there, eat with them because all that God created is good.


Kola Animashaun…Sleep on, keep sleeping at Alijana Fridaus as we pray God will grant you his eternal rest.


The Voice of reason will never fade off, we shall continually speak THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER as we mourn our departed VOICE OF REASON.

We tell stories to live and we live to tell stories

Kola Animashaun, Adieu!!!


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