Introduction To Calisthenics (DLPMOVEMENT)

Calisthenics is one of the best ways to start your adventure to fitness and healthy life. it  enhance your body’s strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and also give you this ripped look that many want to achieve. Think of movements such as push ups, pull ups, dips, squats.


Calisthenics is also appealing for one very good reason. It combines functionality and true bodyweight strength with aesthetic shredded look. That being said, not only will you develop muscle power but also impressive physique along that.



                            WHAT DOES CALISTHENICS MEAN?

The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek which means Beauty  and Strength.

Calisthenics is the sport that encompasses a variety of basic exercises using only the bodyweight as resistance. They are intended to increase body strength, coordination, mobility, speed, and flexibility through movements such as pulling, pushing, jumping, and running and so on. If done consistently and vigorously, calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and athletic body.

This is because bodyweight exercises are very flexible. Going to the gym to lift weight for the first time can be very intimidating and discouraging.





Do I use machine? Or free weights?

How much weight should I put on?

What exercises should I do?

What routine is the best?

Too many exercises.

When to jump into another type of workout?

What routine builds muscles?


This is just a few questions most beginners have… and without a Personal trainer, it can be very hard to start your workout properly.

But with Calisthenics, there are just a few simple rules, and tips that will give you enough knowledge to start training without frustration and with a great


Why should you train Calisthenics?

I could say bunches of benefits of Calisthenics workout lol, but I will stick to the most crucial ones. So is Calisthenics for you? Even though I do not know you, I can almost surely say – YES.

No equipment needed

If for whatever reasons you are not able to go to gym on a regular basis there is nothing wrong with that. Calisthenics exercises allow you to train wherever you like. You only need a bit of a floor space and a pull-up bar


Different level of exercises in Calisthenics

There are hundreds of variations of bodyweight exercises. That being said, it does not matter if you are new to Calisthenics or have been actively training various sports for years. You will always find an exercise that challenges you. For example, a beginner might stick to knee-assisted push ups whereas an advanced athlete could go for one arm push ups. This holds true for any other movements so you will always find something for yourself.

Weight loss or muscle mass gain

With Calisthenics you can lose your weight as well as gain muscle mass. This only depends on how you structure your Calisthenics workout For bodyweight loss you will want to involve more compound exercises which burn more calories than usual weight-lifting. For muscle mass there are plenty of resistance exercises such as pull ups and dips, among others. You can always add additional weight if normal exercises are not enough for you






Before every workout you need to warm up, there are unlimited ways to do this but the goal is to increase the temperature of your muscle, stretch your body a little and prepare it for more intense training It increases blood circulation and gets your muscles and joints ready to function properly.

Example of warm up include Skipping Rope, Jumping Jacks, jog in one place Shadow boxing. Do a few set of this until you feel warmed up.

check out this 5minute full body workout, it show some of the best warmup exercise you can perform

watch to the end



At the beginning you should be focusing on BASICS AND FULL BODY WORKOUT

Do full body workout 3-4 times in a week

Your workout should be simple (so as not to be disorientated by different workout)

So let gets started…

Full Body Workout

To do the full body workout, you need to exercise every muscle group

That is : Back, Chest, Shoulder, Abs, legs, Triceps

Biceps. this is the basic division

And the basic exercises are the PUSHUPS Dips   Pull ups Squat

Push ups

Start with easy variation to maintain a good form

(knee pushup, normal push up, diamond pushup, hindu push up, clap pushup, pike pushup

In this post , will we focusing on push exercises, which deals with the chest, shoulder, triceps and a little bit of the core

Push up is one of the most best exercises you can do, but in most cases a lot of people do this exercise in a wrong form, cheat this exercise even manipulate it to suit their condition. I want to you to keep this in mind when next you are doing any form of exercise “Quality over Quantity “ do a short genuine reps rather than a whole lot of reps with a bad form the advantages of doing a genuine reps is that it will target the correct muscle group, increase in strength, helps in growth and it gives you a sense of confidence  (you look like a pro).



Everyone knows the humble old push up. They are a great way to build muscle and tone in a countless amount of variations.

To do the push up: Get on the floor with your hands shoulder width apart. Keeping your core tight, lower yourself all the way to the ground keeping your elbows in close to your sides. Pause at the bottom Push away hard breathing out as you do. Finish with your arms and shoulders fully extended. That’s is the Regular push up,

Watch this video on how to see the correct form on how to do a Pushup :

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