Welcome to another post, and in this post we will be discussing  on the Pull Training.

Pull movements are those exercise that bring the limbs into the body. Think Pull ups, inverted rows, bicep curls, Muscle up and lot more…

Today we will be treating the first exercise the Pull up



You’ve seen pull ups before. They are a great strength building exercise that comes with plenty of variations for all levels.

They will become your staple Pull exercise and will build super strong shoulders, back and biceps. They are quite difficult to get initially, but once you can do one, you will fly up to 10 Reps in no time Believe me.The Pullup is an upper-body, compound exercise.


Last post was about how to do the Pike Pushup, trust you guys have integregated the exersice into your workout routine.


How to do Pullups:

hang on the bar with straight arms. Pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar.

Here’s how to do Pullups with proper form:

1. Start hanging from the bar

  1. Activate your shoulders and Pull up high.


  1. Bring your elbows behind your back and get your head high above the bar. Pause at the top



  1. Lower yourself slowly resisting gravity


5. Last relax your shoulders to full hang.



Do full range of motion, It’s important to remember that the back muscles are supposed to be the primary focus when performing pullups. Doing partial reps doesn’t allow the lats to come to a fully lengthened position between reps, which encourages the arms to kick in and do most of the work. If you can’t do as many pullups from a full hang, make it your new starting point. Even finishing the rep with a slight bend at the elbow isn’t ideal.

If you can’t do a single Pullup, try the australia Pull up

Australia Pullups is a  beginner progression to pull ups and are a great way to learn the dynamic variations of pull ups. You can use them to train archers and even one arm pulls!

Although it may seem a little easy at first, after a set or two you will really feel it. The more you focus on your technique, just like push ups, the more you will get out of it.


1. Start with a low dipping bar and hang underneath in an upside down push up position.

  1. Pull hard up to the bar, bringing it right into your chest.



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