Kabba Day 2017 Hold 4th November

Kabba Day 2017, a programme organized by the Kabba Development Union (KDU) will be coming up at the weekend in Kabba Kogi State.

According to Engr. Emmanuel Ajibero, the Chairman, Central Planning Committee of Kabba Day 2017 the event will showcase activities aimed at promoting the cultural heritage of Owe land, Kabba, Kogi adding that this year’s edition of the annual event which comes up on Nov. 14, will gather all son and daughters of Kabba.

Kabba is the headquarters of Okun speaking communities, located in Western Senatorial District of Kogi.

Ajibero said that the event scheduled to hold at St. Augustine’s College Football field, Kabba, would feature special delicacies and cultural parades.

“Some of the activities scheduled for the day include cultural dance and music such as “Woro, Erigbo, Agbelege, masquerades, Are-Ode Ibo, lbo tita, Udi (local wrestling) and Ayo competitions.

“There will also be Owe kitchen featuring special owe delicacies of `akpolomolo’, `shakoro, `akuku’, `takelekon, `obe ikan’ and owe snacks of `popolo’, `akara-din-din-eka’, just to mention a few.

“It will also include cultural songs and folk tales and cultural dances from invited groups across the country.

“There will also be cultural parade of all socio-cultural organisations in Kabba in colourful attires and paying of homage to the chiefs (Ololus).”

Ajibero said that the side attractions would include raffle draws, awards to some Owe sons and daughters, presentation of cups to the best `ayo’ player in the community and arts gallery.

The committee chairman said that the celebration was essentially aimed at promoting love, unity peace and progress among the people of Kabba-Owe.

“The event is also aimed at promoting and showcasing cultural heritage of Owe community.

“It is also to provide an avenue for socio-cultural interaction among owe sons and daughters home and abroad in every friendly environment,” he said.

Ajibero said that celebration was to also enhance collaboration of individuals and all Kabba-based organisations within and outside the country in mobilising resources for the development of Kabba.

He said that in pursuant to the above aims and objectives, the Kabba Civic Centre project comprising Kabba City Hall, shopping malls and KDU national Secretarial initiated in 2014 would be launched on that day.

“All Owe sons and daughters at home and abroad and friends of the community from all over the country and Okun land in particular are expected to grace the occasion.

“We invite everyone to be there to celebrate and have fun with the people of Kabba,” Ajibero added.





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