Insecurity: Cleric says God knows about happenings in Nigeria, calls for repentance

Rev. Timothy B. Alabi, Evidence of Christ Church

Our Reporter

General Overseer of the Evidence of Christ Church International, Rev. Dr Timothy Alabi has lamented the state of insecurity and spate of killings with shedding of innocent blood by bandits and other insurgents in Nigeria.

Rev. Alabi, in a telephone interview with our correspondent over state insecurity in the country expressed displeasure over the rate at which life gets lost on daily basis without fear of neither God nor respect for rule of law, adding “I feels very bad and sad about the development.”

The cleric warned warned of the  way things are going a revolution is very imminent calling on stake holder to stop playing politics with security but listen to voice of God over their conduct.

“If the citizens are forced to rise up in their millions to reject the government, no  government will be able to remain for a day.

“If half of Nigeria stands up and after that decide what the type of government they wanted no government could stand to face them, how much more Nigerians in their millions.”

He revealed that God gave him a clear revelation for the country which includes that injustice and lack of respect for the rule of law compounded this problem coupled with the sheding of innocent bloods.

The man of God said that killing of persons is abomination before God and hence result in the punishment that manifest as insecurity in the land over the poor citizens of the country.

He advised on the need to return to the perfect will of God which is the only solution to the lingering challenges bedeviling the country.

“There is a way out and there are two of them one is called perfect will from God which is unacceptable to both the government and the citizen”

“That is to live in the kingdom created by God on this earth”

Rev Alabi said explained he took his members through some guides to always submit to God completely in their day to day activities for direction and governorship which is the reason Jesus Christ came to the world but was reject because they have chosen their own way of religion.

He added that any nation that rejects Gods leading would naturally become a victim of demonic oppression and all these includes killing  of innocent, kidnapping, abduction and all sort of criminality as we now have.

On whether the problem is failure of government, Rev Alabi absolved government of failure but rather that people’s attitude to things of God is the cause.

He took biblical references from 1 John and Mathew 24  God vowed

“Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord:”

Rev Alabi did not spare religious organizations saying they turned supposedly venue of God, into avenues for merchandizing.

“The pastors among them use their time turning souls into merchandise but simply calling the situation signs of end time to instill fear in men whereas serving God in fear will still make your life more miserable. God’s wish is that we serve Him in love and not in fear as against what many religions do today. This happens both in churches and in mosque”

The clergy man said that he has no cause to fear as a result of the state of insecurity in the nation because nothing happens without the knowledge of God and that he reveals all his plans him many times adding that it is a situation of what men sow is what men turn out to reap.

“I do not have any personal fear of being attack for the following reasons, There is nothing that  is happening in the world that God is not either showing to me or at worst to  another in the mist of evidence of Christ.

“The rest of the brethren in the mist of all these are led by the Holy Spirit in all of our operations and God specifically told me that he made me just as Abraham and that He  will not hide His doings from in this world and He also told me he will speak to me mouth to mouth and that is why it was mentioned greater is He (holy spirit) that is in me than the (spirit ) that iwho is in the world.”

He therefore called on all Nigerians home and abroad to dedicate themselves more to Godly virtues so that God can look upon Nigeria and heal the land from all evils that we see as insecurity adding that even some ministers turn their places of worship into commercial ventures for merchandizing resulting in demonic attack on their members.

“Most Christians had become victims of demonic  oppression because they reject the ordinance of the Lord Jesus Christ by turning their churches into places of merchandizing as already predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ in the book of revelations.”

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