IGP’s Disobedience, a Signal of Anarchy in Nigeria – Baraje

A former acting national chairman of People’s Democratic Party and stalwart of the AllProgressives Congress, Alhaji Kawu Barake has described the failure of the Inspector General of Police, Idris Abubakar to comply with President Muhamadu Buhari’s order to relocate to Benue state as an affront to the highest authority in Nigeria.

Baraje, met journalists at his Ilorin country home on Sunday was responding to the IGPs refusal to appear before the Senate said that no disciplined officer, whose duty it is to ensure compliance with law and order will in such a manner fail to obey a Presidents order, which is the reason he decides not to appear before the Senate and the House of representatives.

He further said that in a civilized society, such is not allowed adding that failure to respect constituted authorities is a denigration to the institutions that uphold rue of law in Nigeria and that where there is a break down of rule of law, the interpretation is anarchy.

Baraje further explained that it might appear as being done to Bukola Saraki as Senate President but the civil interpretation of it is that the institution of the Senate, apex law making organ in the country is been belittled and thus a bad precedence is been set, which as bad as impunity was in the days when he was in PDP, such was never experience.

The Technocrat turned politician said that the strength of any nation is the rule of law adding that impunity in governance was part of his reasons for leaving PDP and it is getting worse in APC saying these are part of the reasons the nPDP caucus wrote their letter to Mr President expecting that he would take necessary steps,

He said, the seven days given the party was not the end of seeking negotiations, his group will further meet leaders across the country making pleasantries to ensure that all available opportunities open to the APC will be explored adding that the same was done in the days of PDP before they finally exit from the party.

Baraje said that the expiration of the ultimatum was not a threat to leave the party but call the attension of all stake holders to what can positively or negatively affect the fortunes of APC in te 2019elections adding that as politicians, since President Buhari had declared intensions, all hands must be on deck to ensure his victory for second term and assure good governance for the electorates who reposed confidence in the party.

Also reacting to the spate of parallel primaries experienced across about 22 state out of APC’s strong holds in Nigeria, Baraje said it is an indication of a divided house, which party leaders must ensure it is nipped in the bud adding that every politician has aspiration and will not settle until such aspirations are satisfied where he or she has an assurance for it.

He stressed that the essence of politicking is to provide good governance for the people and that no matter what a leader does, how he is perceived by the electorates matter in his political fortunes.

Asked what he would do differently if he is the Chairman of APC, Alhaji Kawu Baraje said that failure of party hierarchy is the output of all that we see happen: ‘If I were National Chairman of APC, I will ensure that the rule of law is sacrosanct. I will run the administration using the party constitution adding that no party constitution places the President above the Chairman of the Party because every office holder becomes who they are under the umbrella of the party. I will listen more to party members and if there are issues raised by a minority, I will let the majority view supersede while I find a way to accommodate the views of the minority too. Failure to listen to members will result in chaos. The records are there when I was in PDP, it was when we left that other issues crop in and impunity became order of the day and the result was what we see happen to the party. Discipline in a party strengthens the party.”

Alhaji Baraje concluded by saying that his group nPDP in APC will meet with the Party structure on Monday to further discuss on letter written to them expressing hope that it will end in a fruitful discussion because all matters raised are germane especially the issue of marginalizing the nPDP caucus which is essential in te views of all great members of the group which he is coordinating in view of their various effort towards the successof 2015 elections.




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