Ibadan Mayhem: Biola Ebila Leader Of ‘One Million Boys’ Not Indigene Of Oke-Odo Community


Oluseyi Dasilva



Oke-Odo community, where the notorious ‘One Million Boys’ were said to have their base has denounced that Ebila, leader of the gang is not their Indigene.

The ‘One Million Boys’ under the leadership of Biola Ebila had been suspected to be behind series of violence and the killing of another gang leader, Moshood Oladokun known as Ekugbemi.

In a press release signed by Honourable Adeshina Akinpelu on behalf of Oke-Odo, Oke-Oluokun, Oke-Ola, the community said that Biola Ebila, the notorious leader of ‘One Million Boys’ is not an indigene of Oke-Odo community as some people are allege.

“Our attention has been drawn to the story making round that Biola Ebila, the notorious leader of ‘One Million Boys’ is an Indigene of Oke-Odo community. We want to use this medium to call on members of the public and all security agencies in the State that this hoodlum who has constituted a nuisance to our community is not from our community.”

The Oke-Odo Community added that it has done everything within its power to put an end to the activities of Ebila and his ‘One Million  Boys’ but because some disgruntled politicians are using them; the community has not been able to drive the gang out of the community.

“We have everything within our power as a community to drive Ebila and his gang of ‘One Million Boys’ out of our community to no avail. Some corrupt politicians have given them support to stay in the community to continue their reign of terror. These hoodlums even ensure that many security agents in the community are under their payroll.”

Speaking further, the Community said that just few days ago Biola Ebila and his ‘One Million Boys’ unleashed mayhem on the residents of Agbede, Ogunkeye compound in Oke-Odo area.

“Before the latest mayhem Biola Ebila and his ‘One Million Boys’ have been a cog in the wheel of progress of our community. They carry out all manner of crimes in the community and its environs. Just few days ago they inflicted machete cuts on Taye of Ogunkeye compound. He is currently in hospital.

Members of this terror gang known as ‘One Million Boys have constituted a real security threat to residents of Kudeti, Oke Odo and its environs in the Ibadan South East Local Government area of Oyo state.

Speaking further, the community urged all security agencies in the state to beef-up security in Oke-Odo, Oke-Oluokun, Oke-Ola and its environs because according to the community, other rival gangs have threatened a reprisal attack on the Community over an alleged killing of Ekugbemi by Biola Ebila and his ‘One Million Boys’.

“We are appealing to the Inspector General of Police to urgently deploy his IRT team to Oyo state to tame the terror gang known as ‘One Million Boys and others.”

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