Team work remains our source of strength in NAWOJ, I will build on it – Chinwendu, NAWOJ Aspirant

She is a proven and tested personality, an accomplished unionist, former vice chairman NAWOJ and an old horse in the field of journalism. She is vying to be National Auditor come November 2020 at the 10th NAWOJ National Triennial Delegates Conference in Niger state. She is a friend of the people, but very stern when it comes to decision making. A good manager, gifted journalists and competent personality in her own rights.  Meet Chinwendu Nnadozie, who spoke with our political correspondent about her mission into the present adventure as she express strong faith that what God has perfected, no man can undo. Excerpts;

Can we meet you?

My name is Chinwendu Nnadozie, and by the grace of God Senior Correspondent of Daily Independent newspapers limited, Niger State.

You are vying for a NAWOJ position, how well do you know the Association?

I have been in journalism for over 20 years and I have been an active member of our union as far back as when I started practicing in Plateau state. It was after serving in Plateau that I got transfered to Nasarawa state and now in Niger state. So I can confidently say that I know NAWOJ very well and also know  the peculiar challenges of the Association.

Looking from the angle of competence, experience and integrity how do you think you can edge out your co- contestants, given a level playing ground?

Well, I don’t underrate any journalist. Competence is a factor, we might not be equally gifted but we both have the vision and of course something in mind to offer our Association, NAWOJ and something to contribute to the incoming dispensation.  I am not trying to say that the current leadership has not done their best for the association but if I may come out open, no executive or manager of human being can ever receive a thank you from the people they serve. Leadership is a thankless service, but what matters most is the vision to serve the people with the fear of God. We too,  we are aspiring to come up and try something better praying that God will grant the wisdom to make our service acceptable so that we can leave NAWOJ better than we met it. In an association and union of intellectuals, divergence of ideas and opinions will require one to just do her best, putting God first and allow God to judge the service. That is what drives me wherever I go and in whatever I do.

Who are you sponsors and godfather?

Niger state is supporting me very well, I said this earlier. All the good people of Niger are behind me. God is my father and he has been my all in all. In Niger we don’t play godfather, god mother role. Niger is a pace setter talking about the dictates of our profession, allowing everyone to operate and have free hands in whenever he or she legitimately does. One with God is more than a majority, God is sufficient for me and he has brought a good number of our colleagues to support my ambition.

What new thing do you intend to bring into NAWOJ as a national executive and how do you intend to go about this?

I have seen and heard about discordant voices or internal wrangling in NAWOJ and as women knowing what we are and how most us us go about handling our issues, whatever is not good, we would try to change  but like I stated earlier, whatever is to be done must be in the fear of God. Therefore  apart from my primary duty as the National Auditor, I will bring to fore my God given skill and wisdom in handling or managing all issues to in a transparent manner to ensure that NAWOJ comes out better and stronger as one big enviable family. NAWOJ leadership goes all out to look for training opportunities for  our member.  Personally, I have benefitted several training opportunities at their disposal. I have gone for UNDP traning, local and international trainings all of which add to our level of exposure and competences on the job. All these we shall ensure that we increase as incoming executive of NAWOJ, God bless NAWOJ, God bless NUJ, my beloved Union.

Do you think NAWOJ is uniting or disuniting members of NUJ?

NAWOJ is an essential part of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. It was in the wisdom of our forebears that NAWOJ was formed. This Association has never been a pain in neck to NUJ and will never be. Wherever women are, there is orderliness, peace and progress, so issue of NAWOJ disuniting NUJ does not arise. NUJ is like the husband and father Union to the National Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ so if there is a dispute within the union, and we would refer to the elders in the union to look into it for settlement. In every human organization, there is bound to be disputes that are why those who are also gifted would come in and settle it. NAWOJ exists by the permission granted by so we are too small to give NUJ any problem that can disunite us. The gospel truth is that NUJ regulates the conduct of NAWOJ and even if you come to the conference, you will discover that there would be more men than women. NAWOJ and NUJ is like saying six and half a dozen.

What new thing do you intend to bring into NAWOJ as a national executive and how do you intend to go about this?

NAWOJ leadership works as a team, teamwork has been their source of strength, so whatever I would do is a function of what every other executive will be doing because anyone vying for a position seeks to do something positive for the association to make it better. As a team when we see what is on the table requiring our attention by the special grace of God we would try to fix it. I am positive about a new dawn in NAWOJ. As to possibility of any crises, if there are, whatever issue holding us back or crisis in NAWOJ or even the entire NUJ we shall settle such because, when  there is a will there will always be a way and so crises will not be difficult to settle. It is a known fact that we are individually skilled and di9fferent, so in the way and manner we handle unionism or union issues; I believe I wouldn’t be entire a stranger to such issues that may come up.

Coming back to Niger state, your home base, how well are you accepted by stakeholders and how are you carrying them along?

I told you that we are one big family in Niger state. As regards issue of acceptability, Niger state see me as their project because I am not pursuing a personal agenda but to bring pride to the state and put her on the national web page of NAWOJ, nationally and internationally. I enjoy tremendous and overwhelming support from all stakeholders and that is why I concluded that NAWOJ in Niger state is one big family.  I’m also not new to stakeholders as an active member who has also served as Vice Chairperson on NAWOJ in times past.

Hosting the Nigeria women in Journalism, what is the level of preparedness of your state in terms if security and other logistics, Any hint?

Niger state is more than ready in all ramifications. Other states hosted NAWOJ Trienial conference very peacefully, Niger will do our best to make all visiting NAWOJians to see how hospitable the state is and as well experience our tourist and historical sites. My NAWOJ Chairperson, Mrs. Mary Noel-Berje who also happens to be the Chief Press Secretary to His Excellency, the Governor of Niger state, Alhaji Abubarkar Sani Bello is a woman journalist with a difference.  She has done much and is still doing all within her capability in ensuring that NAWOJians coming to the state especially the ones visiting Niger for the first time have some good stories to tell about us. Our congress holds between 9th and 11th November, 2020 and this year’s event will be remarkable by Gods grace.

Any message to your fellow NAWOJIANS in Nigeria?

Be good ambassadors of Women Journalists in Nigeria. Always do your best wherever you go and in whatever situation you find yourself. Be an instrument to building a better NAWOJ of our collective dreams

Thanks for your attention

Thanks for having me

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