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I Sing To Cause World Changes – Gospel Artist

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Can we meet you?

My name is Kolapo Anike, a Gospel Musician, Composer and Child Evangelist. I attend Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel

Can we share your educational background?

I finished my secondary school at Ibeju Lekki High School in Lagos, came to Ilorin in 2008 for IJMB from there I left for Zaria In 2009/2010. I studied Business Administration at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, finish in 2012 and left for National Service and served in Benue State. I am Yoruba, from Osogbo in Osun State.

How long have you been in Gospel Music?

I started when I was relatively young but later joined a friend, we called our selves dynamics. When I started on my own, that is my own group, I call it “A gorgeous” By Gods grace, my career in Music will clock 17 years on 8th July.

Was there a divine link, a call or what inspired you into Gospel Music?

I love the Lord and every time I think about the love of God, songs come into my mouth and I sing. My love for God translated into love for music. I can pass any massage with music. As I grow up and I got to realize that people indulge in different kinds of immorality through the song they listen to, I therefore decided to cause some changes by passing a different, right massage to the world through singing gospel music. Salvation is the only right message and the good news about the love of God for mankind is the best possible message. In 2013 when the Lord called me and gave me a new name from “A gorgeous” to “Rolawtm” which was extracted from the scripture.  

How do you mean that you love the Lord?

My love for God and things of His kingdom is not what I can explain other than that as a Child, I know that a loving father gives me instructions and I have no problems obeying him. There is no way one can love God and not obey his instructions and when he speaks, I do exactly what he says. I realize that’s the easiest and convenient thing for me in life is obeying Gods word. I also find joy in singing, I have peace of mind anytime I write and compose songs.

Have you released any music Album since you started singing?

I have one, I sing mostly as a Choir member and among children. ‘Yahweh’ is on the way, though my album which will be out soon is already on Boomplay and other social Media platforms.

What is YAWEH all about?

Yahweh is a Holy Spirit inspired song, with praises, exposition on how much Jesus loves us and prayer medley.

Yahweh is the demonstration of the power to succeed in your hands and what you say and friends you keep, therefore think positive, declare power using the word of God and keep friends that can help you get to where you want to reach in life.

Who are your role models in the industry?

My role models are Sinachi, Mercy Chinwe, Tasha Cobb’s ,Moses Bliss

What’s the name band?

We started as It’s dynamic sisters, we changed to other names and the band’s name had metamorphosed into ORNAMENTALS of God

What’s your plan about marriage?

I am happily married and blessed with children

Are you married to a musician?


Does your husband play any role in your music career?

Not directly, but he is very supportive. He assists me morally and financially and crowning it all, he is a very caring husband. If he does not give me peace, singing will be a burden if not impossible.

Aside music, what other things do you do for a living?

I am a health consultant for now but as soon as God says so, I will face Gospel Music squarely so that I can serve God better as a Minister in songs.

What can you refer to as challenges in Gospel Music?

God has been good to me, whatever challenge that raise its head, God settles like he calm storms in the sea. He is always in control while I take my rest. Having said that I need to say that the COVID 19 and the new world order have caused several things to change and this makes getting invitation to minister at public gatherings becoming difficult but, since I cannot change the situation, I surrendering everything to God and he has always give room for testimonies.

What difference does it make to be a gospel musician and being a preaching minister?

You can either minister in word as a preacher or minister in songs, like mine. Both fields complement each other. Sometimes, a spirit filled songs ministration can end the entire work of saving a soul, while sometimes; the preaching also adds value to songs heard. What matters most is for the Holy Spirit to interpret what is heard whether in songs or in words, to create a burning impression in the sinner and make him a new man. Until a sinner becomes born again, giving his life to Jesus in Lordship, the work of ministration has not been fruitful. That is why gospel music is more of spiritual inspiration from God. Therefore both the preacher and the gospel musician is minister, planting the seed while the Holy Spirit water and cause the seed to germinate.

If I may ask, are you born again?

Yes I am. You cannot give what you don’t have. You want to turn a sinners heart to God, your father, you must have first been a known the father and describe him to others. The Christ in a child is what will radiate as a testimony which sinners will see and accept to come to know the Jesus I am talking about.

Thanks for talking to us.

You are most welcome.

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