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How NASU, MINILS Branch elected Comrade Joel Afolayan as chairman:

With the Intrigues, Politic and Conspiracies

Yusuf Bakare

A new leadership has emerged for the Non -Academic Staff Union, NASU, of the Michael Imoudu National institute for Labour studies, MINILS Ilorin after the expiration of the two terms of eight-year tenure of its past executives lapsed.

The election came up as a statutory requirement that every four years mark the end of a one-term tenure and being election year all over the country NASU chapters including MINILS effected necessary change in the mantle of its leadership ushering a former secretary of the Union, Comrade Joel Afolayan as the newly elected Chairman.

The election came up as part of a quadrennial meeting of the Non-Academic Staff Union, NASU, of the Michael Imoudu National institute for Labour studies, MINILS which held on the 20th April, 2023 at the education hall of the institute.

A contestant, Comrade Joel Afolayan polled a total of 50 votes representing 70.42% of total votes cast to beat his closest rival, Ibrahim Othman who scored 20 votes that is 28.17% while only 1 vote turned out voided.

Members of the union, who spoke to our correspondent in a unified opinion explained that Comrade Joel Afolayan, the newly elected NASU Chairman, had paid his dues haven served as Secretary of the union for the period of eight years, two-term tenure during which he worked tirelessly with the out gone Chairperson and members of her executives in building a virile Union that all are proud of today.

They further testified to the competence and capability of Comrade Afolayan adding that aside his level of competence, the new leader, is not a selfish unionist but very humane.

It was further attested that Comrade Afolayan was loyal to the immediate past Chairperson, Comrade Roseline Adebayo as well as to other executives as he ensured that the welfare of members is effectively protected.

“Comrade Joel Afolayan protects the interest of members to a fault. All he wants is to see the Institute and the members advance progressively.

It is noteworthy that Comrade Joel Afolayan’s emergence as NASU Chairman is a product of long term vision, good reputation and hardwork. The respondent gave insight that Afolayan havd nursed and worked towards the ambition of becoming leader when he moved the idea of continuity. When he picked up the form, other comrade who had interest also signified and pick form to contest with him.

According to an inside source, a top management staff in the institute, it wasn’t an easy ride for NASU to produce the new Chairman commending the forthrightness, maturity and understanding expressed by Muslim staff in turning down the DG’s antics to impose a stooge on the union.

She said: ” The DG and some Muslim staffs wanted to sponsor Othman for the position of Chairman but the staffs including some Muslim leftist block it and said unionism is not about religion.”

After all antiques and politicking, Comrade Afolayan got the support of members and their votes as he wins gallantly becoming the next chairman of NASU in MINILS.

In his acceptance speech, victorious Comrade Joel Afolayan expressed gratitude to his creator,  God the Almighty and to all members of the union who trusted in his capability by voting for him and repose confidence in him.

He said, “I give glory to God, the father of lights, with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. It is economical, acknowledging that I am overwhelmed by the support gotten in votes today by teeming members of our great branch, MINILS. It is a trust that must neither be betrayed nor be taken for granted. God’s willing, you will not regret doing this for me.

“Today is not the day of long speeches but of appreciation and assurance of the need to hit the ground running in strategic engagement, continuous demand and sincere contribution to the development of our great Institute.

“Your support for the elected officials does not stop at the polls, this is a ‘business’ that must keep us all busy at all time by ensuring you lend us a hand to always keep fit for the assignment.

“The executives is ever willing and always ready to work with all stakeholders to advancing the quality of the members’ wellbeing and a sustainable work condition in the Institute.

The immediate past executive was able to deliver that much because of your support. Hence, much more of same being solicited from you, so that, we can together move mountains.

“Other contestant(s) that cannot make it, should not see themselves as haven lost out. It is a collective ‘business’. We must always keep at it. The contestation added beauty to today’s meeting. Your good agenda will definitely be tapped into and all good, positive, progressive and member-focused interests will undoubtedly be taken care of.

“All relevant stakeholders, individual or institutional, with requisite knowledge, skill and experience will be partnered for the benefit of our members. Discussions around members’ welfare, continues professional development, capacity building among others are part of the things the immediate past executive bequeathed to us.”

The new NASU Chairman urged the Institute’s leadership, Chief Executive and Management team not to see the Union as antagonist of any sort but as partners in progress adding that trust in the management with mutual respect and transparency will go a long way in resolving lingering and situational issues in a way that further strengthen Union-Management relations.

He added: “In as much I will like to stop at this juncture, permit me to sincerely appreciate the national headquarters of our great and indivisible Union, NASU for the quality of leadership we have enjoyed particularly from the General Secretary and President Comrade Peters A. Adeyemi and Dr. (Barr) Hassan Makolo respectively. We are indebted to you. The branch also need you to stand by her, even more than before.

“Worthy of our appreciation is the Kwara State Council Team. We are proud of you and will allways do. We count on you for more robust engagements to break new grounds.”

He ended his acceptance speech with a quote “If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together”. We don’t therefore want to go fast, then we need to go together, because United, We Stand, Decided, We Fall.”

You will recall that in the last eight years, making  two term tenures in office,  Comrade Roseline Adebayo was the Chairperson of the Union and first of it’s kind in MINILS.  Her predecessors reigned for just four years, one term in office. Adebayo was once the Secretary of Union for four years after which she emerged as the chairperson. Earlier, Roseline Adebayo had served as the Kwara state Council Treasurer for four years one tenure, and moved to the Trade Group council also as the Treasurer. She belong to several committees in NASU family  and a track record of loyalty all along her path coupled with being  faithful and  Committed in her assignments. She occupied positions with huge responsibility without lacking in her family duties side by side office work no matter how uneasy it was. Adebayo maintained a strong focus in achieving her all-set goals.

It noteworthy that Roseline Adebayo is a record breaker haven achieved the feat as the only female comrade chairperson in the whole of Kwara State chapter, during her eight years in office.

As a new moon has come for NASU, Michael Imodu National Institute for Labour Studies, it is hoped that the management of the institution headed by a Comrade himself, Issa Obalowu Aremu, mni, will allow his experience as a pillar in the Nigeria Labour Movement to support, promote and see to it that the members of NASU in his institute remain united, focused and achieve desired welfare for its members.

Insiders informed of some intrigues that played out and the dirty attempts to stop the emergence of Comrade Joel Afolayan but as the saying goes, campaign after election is an invitation to war, we need not dig into burred issues.

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