How Drunk Driver Recklessly Crashed Vehicle Midnight ….plus see the Video

A late-night marauder crashed a Toyota Camry car against a street light midnight Sunday opposite FCMB, Muritala Mohammed Road branch, Ilorin.

An incident which occurred around 2.35am in what eye witness call over speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The driver of the vehicle, who is simply identified by an Okada rider as Sogo is said to be working with one of the security agencies.

The source also said that despite being a security agent, he also sells ‘Tokumbo’ cars and of course a member of the car dealers association.

Sympathizers at the scene were seen to assist the man in pushing the car of the road as the car battery got damaged and the engine could not start.

Meanwhile, the car was badly damaged and engine most likely to have been affected.

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