Though we don’t know where exactly you are but the one whose eyes reach and see everywhere sees you. He who protected Daniel from Lion’s Den can protect you where you are but if he decides not to do so, Leah, you have stood the ground, shamed the devil and prove that death cannot scare you as to dump our Lord Jesus Christ.

You upheld the parental teaching that Jesus Christ is the only way at a tender age and you kept it to heart till date. Leah, not many can stare death in the face like you did, just because of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Leah, you had behaved true to it that you are an Eaglet, because, where other birds cannot reach you soared above them.

You are indeed a Lions cub, your heavenly father is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, so you are barve and courageous, just like daddy Jesus asked “death where is your sting?”Leah, you too asked, Boko Haram, which power do you have, if you can kill me, you cannot eat my flesh. What power do you have that you have to hide me. Bring me out if you have the powers”

LEAH, I heard you call them cowards, which they are. I can hear you sing every night “When we get to heaven, at the marriage supper, all souls shall gather, at the last assembly. No more sad parting, no more heart breaking, farewell to sorrow, Victory is sure.”

One is surprised that at 15, you had so much grace, Spirit of Courage and of Faith in Jesus Christ to have seen heaven and its beauty.

LEAH Sharibu, Government may forget you, you are the daughter of the poor. Christian religious leaders may show less care about you, BUT your creator before whom you stand as a worthy ambassador is with you. He shall see you through to the end. Be rest assured, only His will shall prevail. If you die, it is his will, if you live, it is his will,

LEAH, you have fought a good, gallant fight of faith, a crown is laid up for you, with your maker. Sudden death, sudden glory it is and for you to live is Christ and to die is also a great gain, nothing to lose.


Happy Birthday Daughter of Zion, Happy Birthday,
Ambassador Extraordinaire of Heaven.

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