Group Seeks Partnership With Government, Experts On Power Transmission

Funmi Lawrence


Mr Tunde Salihu, General Chairman, Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has called for partnership between the institutions and the Federal Government to better the power transmission in Nigeria.


Salihu made the call at a news conference organised by the Power Africa Conference of the institution in Abuja on Wednesday.


He said that the partnership would lead to more input of knowledge, funds and tools to provide electricity for the 54 per cent of Nigerians lacking electricity, adding that government should sponsor engineers to attend pieces of training.


According to him, training is one of the major problems the power sector in Nigeria is suffering from and partnership with the government could correct it.


‘’There is nothing wrong in government sponsoring many more engineers in the power sector to this conference so that we can have a more robust discussion around it.y


‘’ It is important for the government of Nigeria to come and partner with us to have a more robust conference so that Nigeria can benefit from its outcomes.


‘’We have gotten the permission of trainers to come and do an advanced training to solve other problems that could occur in our power industry to solve protection problems and others’’


He further called on the government to sponsor more engineers that would help in giving solutions to the problems in the power sector.


Meanwhile, Mr Frank Lambert, a member of the conference noted that advancement in technology and renewable energy in Nigeria would help in improving power in Nigeria.


Lambert said that there were smaller power plants that could power a village with 10 houses saying that this advancement in technology is cheaper and can be cheaply generated.


He said the lack of power in the country was a huge challenge that could give an opportunity to carry out these technologies and improve technological advancement in Nigeria.


‘’We are a knowledge-based economy and we recommend this to Nigeria and Africa at large, and it could increase the electricity sector in Nigeria and to other countries that buy into the idea.


‘’We have new technologies that can help us stand alone and generate our own electricity,’’ he said.


The organisation is a professional association for electronic engineering and electrical engineering with its corporate office in New York city.

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