Graduates of Nigerian Universities are competent, employable in industries -Unilorin VC

Yusuf Bakare

The Vice Chancellor, University of Ilorin, Professor Sulyman Age Abdulkareem has stated that on the job performance, third class certificate holders can be better than their first class counterparts.

Professor Age buttressed his point by stating that where where learners in third class categories have difficulties in grabbing certain issues, their first class counterparts would readily grab it but with the disadvantage that these first class materials do not have experience of how not to achieve a goal whereas the failures experienced by the third class learners are achievements on how success in an endeavour cannot be achieved.

The Vice Chancellor who address a press briefing ahead of the institution’s 36th Convocation Ceremony , which comes up on Saturday said that once a slow learner grabs what is been taught, they never forget and also had an advantage of knowing what the fast learners don’t know because they never experienced challenges.

Speaking on the security challenges in the country, Age said that the University of Ilorin has the capacity to assist the Nigerian Military in its fight against insurgents with the production of bullet proof vests, bullets and other equipments needed in prosecuting the war.

The Vice Chancellor reiterated the need for the federal government to prioritize education if the country would move forward industrially adding that there are talented Nigerians doing very well in other countries but rendered irrelevant by the home country.

He further said that blacks are as intelligent as their white counterpart if not more intelligent but the environment does not provide challenges for black to explore their tallents.

Speaking on the low level of industrialization in the country despite number of professors to the credit of Nigeria as a nation compared with what obtains in other countries; Age said that it is a shame that many professors cannot impact their environment for positive better changes.

Professor Sulyman Age Abdulkareem also said that reconciling the University of Ilorin chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU with the national body  in a peaceful manner is not regrettable adding that the peace extends to himself as it aided him in getting things done in his administration.

He reiterated that the pain, deprivation and stigmatization against the university during the years while the hostility lasted cannot be over emphasized to the extent that even graduates of the institution as well as staff did not enjoying treatments from their colleagues in academics.

Responding to questions on the claim that Nigerian graduates are unemployable, Professor Age said that those claimants were just being unfair to the Nigerian system.

He stated that in every establishment, any fresh graduate or a new person coming on board their employment need be given on the job training for such new entrant to become used to the available system in place in that environment

He gave examples that a scientist who was trained with test tube for experiments will never find such

 The Professor also highlighted some accomplishments recorded by the university in the 2019/2020 and the ongoing 2021/2022 academic sessions despite lockdown as a result of  COVID-19 pandemic some of which included winning local and international research awards and grants as well as feats recorded in inventions which attracted local and international appraisals of the university in a positive light.

Acccording to the erudite scholar, a total number of 10,922 students will be turned out during its 36th Convocation Ceremonies coming up on Saturday, which included 9,338 First Degree/Diploma graduands, consiting of 180 First Class, 2,836 Second Class Upper Division, 4,879 Second Class Lower Division, 1,110 Third Class and 14 Passes.

A total of 140 MBBS graduands, 46 graduands in Nursing, 5 graduands with distinction and 16 with passes in Optometry, 6 with distinction and 49 with pass in Pharmacy; while 37 graduands in Veterinary Medicine will be turned out.

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