Government Needs Better Commitment in Water Resource Management in Nigeria – Expert

By Oluseyi Kasali and Oseni Ramat



A water resource management expert, Lawrence Oludoyi has identified the lack of political will as the bane of water resource management in Nigeria.

The Water management Expert who paid a courtesy call on our regional office spoke with our reporters on Tuesday on ‘the importance of effective management of water resource expressed that the various governments in Nigeria shy away from the high cost of maintaining water plants and Dams thus preferring to sink boreholes for communities.

He lamented that government’s refusal to build new Dams and neglecting the maintenance of existing old ones portend great hindrance to the provision of water for the people and this in itself has a long-term health effect on the people.

Oludoyi said that any community where water is in short supply will be prone to diseases and pestilence, which could be more costly to manage by the government.

He stated that boreholes cannot provide enough of the water needs of any community adding that though,  there is yet to be a scientific proof of the possible negative effect of the  proliferation of boreholes on the environment, common sense dictates that too much drilling of the earth surface can have its negative impact which we need not wait to experience as a people.

The Water Expert further stated that dams have greater value in the provision of water than boreholes because only the rich in the society could afford to sink boreholes in their houses whereas dams will serve a large population of the people at a lower comparative cost.

Oludoyi , who said he is a member of the Associations of Water Well Dilling And Rig Owners Practitioners, AWDROP), added that they help bring boreholes construction firms under the umbrella body and that these associations take it upon themselves to curb the menace of quacks in the drilling of boreholes without appropriate stressing that bole hole sunk by quacks will produce in-pure or contaminated water which can be injurious to health.

He, therefore, called on Government to restore water boards which can provide experienced and expertise required in water management adding that in his opinion the re-establishment of the old system of Water Boards that were responsible for the regulation of water resources in the olden days will help in the management and regulation of water system.

He lamented that the absence of Water Boards have led to the influx of quacks and all manner of people into Water Resources Management posing great dangers to the society as a whole thereby urging the government to look into these areas before it’s too late.



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