Girl, 6 Narrowly Escapes Being Killed By Kidnapper

A Nursery two pupil of Tanke School A, Tanke narrowly escaped being killed by a yet to be identified man early Thursday morning.

Recounting her ordeal, Feranmi Bukola, the victim, said that she was sleeping by her mother’s side when the crime suspect allegedly sneaked into the uncompleted apartment where she was sleeping, woke her up and carried her shoulder high.

Feranmi Bukola narrowly escaped being killed by the kidnapper

“He carried me, covered my mouth and was hitting m. When we got outside, he hit my head to the ground and brought out a knife to kill me, so I shouted,” Feranmi stated.

The mother of the victim, Mrs Mary Jumai Samaila Bukola, who hails from Dukwa, Niger State said that she heard a screamed at about 3.00am, which woke her up from bed thinking someone was trying to steal her domesticated animal only to find out that it was actually her daughter that was about being slaughtered after being kidnapped from her sleep.

Feranmi’s mother with the Kidnap suspect while Feranmi at the centre

“I woke up around 3.00am when I heard a voice like someone wanted to kill an animal. I realize that my daughter was no longer by my side, I got to the corridor and saw the main door open and I saw my daughter struggling with the man outside. I saw the man holding a long knife then I shouted for help. As I shouted, the man took to his heels and I pursued him with stones for a while and carried my daughter back into the house,” recalled the mother of the victim, popularly known as Iya Alagbado at Tanke Oke Odo.

Further investigations on the matter at the residence of the victim at Molete Lane, near ECWA Church Tanke, Tipper garage, it was revealed that the criminal suspect, a commercial motorcycle rider, Okada has been a customer to Imole John, Feranmi’s elder sister, who just put to bed.

The house where Feranmi was kidnapped midnight

Luck ran out on the suspect when he again came to the house in the morning to deliver a battery errand, thinking no one would recognize him but as soon as Feranmi saw him she shouted, pointing at him as the man who came midnight to kidnap her and attempted to kill her.

The suspect was said to have made himself close to the family in such a way that some neighbours even thought that he is a friend to Imole’s husband because according to them, the crime suspect visited the house three times on Wednesday on the pretext that he came to felicitate with Feranmi’s sister.


In her account, Imole said that the first time of patronizing the Okada man was when he conveyed her home during her pregnancy and that she was not feeling fine that day as she stayed by the roadside.

She further explains: “The Okada rider saw me and asked, ‘So, you the little girl of those days had grown so tall and now pregnant?’ He then conveyed me home and has been trying to come close though I never noticed his mission.”

Neighbours who added te voice said that when several people were asked to come forward and Feranmi was asked to pick who kidnapped her mong them, she was persistent in pointing at the same Okada crime suspect after which he was taken to Area F Police station, Tanke where he is being kept in custody pending further investigations.

When contacted the Police Public relations officer said he was yet to get details about the incidence.

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