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Girl, 15, rolls our 4 Books, breaks long jinx about girl child in Ilorin

Yusuf Bakare

The house of Alimi in Ilorin, the Kwara state has produced a first 15 year old Author, to the surprise of many, even the parents.

Mujeebat Aromaradu Ismail, a student of Muhammad Kamaldeen College, Ilorin was discovered to be a talented writer, whose literary capability motivated her to have written four books on different subject matter.

The 15 year old teenager damsel, a student in science class, who spoke to our correspondent in our office said she gets inspired when things happen around her, and decided to put down her write ups in pieces till it became obvious that books are being written.

Close sources to  Mujeebat, the first born of the family further explained that neither her parent nor a member of her family had the writing skill but was discovered since her age of 12, when observers thought she was copying from somewhere until they discovered that hers is a raw rare talent.

Asking about her pedigree and origin, it was discovered that Aromaradu is  a prominent Islamic family in Ilorin, an axis which produced Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, Governor of Kwara state and Chairman of Governor’s forum in Nigeria.

The Young talented Author has four titles, “The Blood Behind”, “Because of Success”, “Wait for your Time” and “The Lazy Wife” all contemporary literature works,  and she said that more of such are still coming.

She urged the government to come to her aid to produce more copies of her books for a larger readership.

Hajia Aromaradu, Mujeebat’s mother who is a teacher in one of the schools in Ilorin said she was surprised that her daughter despite being a science student was able to put pen on paper to write four books.

She said her initial fears was that her writings might affect her performances in the sciences, but this proved not to be true as Mujeebat eventually passed out of secondary school in flying colours at a tender age of 15.

Hajia Aromaradu said that her outstanding performances made her and her father take the bull by the horn in sponsoring the publishing of the books despite their meagre salaries and income. With this revolutionary development, Mujeebat Aromaradu Ismail has further proven that given the girl child an opportunity, she can make the parents proud like the male child and even more.

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