Foundation Holds Maiden Mentorship Program, Task Youths On Need To Be Focused

Funmi Lawrence




Stakeholders in development and youth empowerment have tasked youths in the country to keep hope alive and get engaged in ventures that will add value to them and open more opportunities that impact on their lives as the country step out of the COVID 19 pandemic.


Speaking at a maiden mentorship programme, Engr Kayode Adamolekun of the Foundation, at a programme which held as Jogo center in Ibadan under strict compliance to covid 19 protocols with gathering of intellectuals, young and promising youth’s accross the lenght and breadth of Nigeria with the theme “Change: How to cope, adapt and respond.”

The Chairman Kayode Adamolekun Foundation noted that COVID 19 has brought the country lot of knocks as Jobs have been rendered irrelevant, social life has been affected, religious activities came under censorship, educational activities halted and the overall flow of economic activities has been distorted, but assured that there is still room for opportunity.


He said: “We all woke up one morning to a completely different world and we had no choice but to adjust immediately to the radical changes that have been forced upon us as a result of this global phenomenon, as you will agree with me that we are living in interesting times. We are living in a day that is far removed from any other, in terms of the psychological, social, and financial impact of the current global crisis on human life”.


He noted that the major focus of this programme is to build the needed capacity to thrive in a world that is fast evolving with the major belief that the Foundation wants to ensure succour for all in the society the youths.


The Chairman also task government at all levels to create enabling environment for people as they are stepping out of the pandemic as that will encourage them to engage in legitimate ways of living.



One of the facilitators, Engr Bamidele Amire urged participants to harness opportunities created by Information and Communication Technology to enhance their skills as well as become self reliant in the digital age.


Amire, a certified IT Consultant advised youths to use digital skills productively rather for illicit activities capable of jeopardizing their future.


On his part, Ayotunde Okunomo said it’s time for youth to takeover leadership role by acquiring relevant skills and training.


The participants described the program as eye opener and a rare opportunity. Twenty of the participants were sponsored for IT training by Engr Kayode Adamolekun

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