Fela’s Shoe Too Big For Me, Public Critic Not My Line, Up Coming Rap Musician

He is a young and promising star that was discovered by our correspondent. He is a young and enterprising musician and he demonstrated good sense of vision and readiness to take the bull of the future by the horn. Meet Enembe Bassey Mesembe popularly known as Rapzy Billz. Excerpt:


Can we meet you?

My name is  Enembe Bassey Mesembe, popularly known as Rapzy_Billz, my stage name. I am an artist a musician. I hail from from Efut-Ibonda in Odukpani Local Government area of Cross River State. I attended Catholic Nursery school (Mater Dei International) for my elementary education and later proceeded to St.Patrick’s College, Ikot Ansa Calabar. Also a Catholic school. I am the first child in a family of 3 children,2 boys and  a girl.


And your parents?

My dad retired as a staff of NTA Calabar while my mum is a teacher. That is all I can relate about my family for now.


So what is your present occupation?

I am still a young man, presently I am a student of Business management at Covenant Polytechnic Aba, Abia State but I also sing as a past time and hobby, to make myself and people around me happy. Music is entertainment, music gives life because when you are happy, most likely your life will be prolonged.

How did you come into music?

I started music as a child. Way back in my days in the nursery school, my singing talent was discovered by my teachers and I made it into the school choir. I was a member of the school choir till I graduated and I continued even in my secondary school. I enjoy singing, I love singing. Music runs through my family because my dad is also a lover of good music so I can say music is in my blood.

What genre of music do you sing?

I do rap songs, Dance hall and Hip Hop music.

How many albums have you done that is in the market?

I have done Holla my name” and “Baby oh”, both in the market now.

What is your band name?

Our band name is BirthRight Entertainment and we are six in the band.

Where do you normally produce your music?

I do my work with ViceCityGang records.

Who are your role models in the music industry?

My role model in Nigerian music scene is Olamide while my foreign role Model is Lil Wayne

What do you intend to achieve by singing?

Like I earlier stated, singing makes me feel happy. I am not singing because of money or material things, I just developed interest in it and I sing and I do that for pleasure. But man proposes, God disposes, we have people who make a living as musicians, If it turns out to be my career too in future I will thank Almighty God and improve upon my vision and focus on humanity and making life worth living

Do you intend to be a social crusader singing to correct ills in the society like Fela Anikulapo of blessed memories?

Ah, I always hear his music but that is not my line. I don’t have that In my project, I am still a young boy.

What new work are you onto now as the year runs out?

I am working on an assignment that is being packaged by a Ghana based producer, I am trying to explore some avenues in Ghana, to see how I can be better off.

Having experienced Ghana, do you notice a betterment over Nigerias?

Not really, it’s just that I am very curious to know what I have never experienced before. We seem even better than them in terms of equipment and studio structure.

How religious are you?

I am not that religious but am from a Christian Home

What challenges do you encounter doing your work?                       

My challenges are primarily of Finance. Then peer group.

So how do your immediate friends and relations see your adventure into music?                       

They are always proud of me and also encourage me

How many girl friends or chains of them, you Artists are said to be flirts?

Haa, Funny question. Well for now I can say am not into any serious relationship and I don’t flirt.

I don’t flow around with ladies, I have a lot of discipline because it could affect my education

What is the saddest day of your life?

The saddest day of my life was when my mum had an accident, but thank God, she survived it

What is your advice to people like you who are just coming up?                      

I want to advise that they should maintain good focus because whatever we do as youths we must be conscious that we are leaders of the future. They should stay focused and believe in whatever they are doing.

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