Exam Ethics Marshall commends NAPPS for institutional support to ethics campaign

Funmi Lawrence


Mr Ike Onyechere, Founding Chairman, Exam Ethics Marshall International (EEMI) has commended the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools Nigeria (NAPPS NIGERIA) for institutional support towards ensuring campaign against exam malpractices.


Onyechere, who was speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Thursday said the campaign of NAPPS was significant towards curbing malpractices in the country.


He added that the enlistment of NAPPS in support of exam ethics campaign provides a good example for other associations to follow in terms of the type of inter-agency multi-stakeholder collaboration needed to successfully combat exam malpractice and mainstream exam ethics.


” NAPPS, as the regulatory and representative body of proprietors of private schools in Nigeria, is a critical stakeholder in terms of facilitating the success of efforts to mainstream ethics, integrity and best practices in education.


” There are more private schools that are models of best practices, world-class infrastructure and facilities than the number involved in malpractices.


” NAPPS active and vocal participation in the exam ethics campaign will inspire more private schools towards best practices and away from exam malpractice.


“NAPPS Nigeria stands highly commended for the decision to accord institutional support to the exam ethics campaign and to fully participate in the forth-coming conference as combating exam malpractice is now a matter of life and death.”


Onyechere also noted that lives were being destroyed by failed projects and services in healthcare, education, judiciary, construction and other sectors being delivered by incompetent and unethical products of educational institution produced and certified through systemic exam malpractice.


According to him, besides the pervasive cancer of corruption that is eating away the vital organs of society is a direct consequence of the collapse of the moral infrastructure in education.


“Support for exam ethics campaign is, therefore, a matter of self-preservation.


” This is because nobody knows who will be the next victim of the next failed project or service by the next incompetent and corrupt leader, professional and worker certified and licensed through exam malpractice,” he said.


Onyechere added that delegates from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Uganda, Tanzania and other African Countries would be participating in the 23rd  Exam Ethics Marshals International Conference in September.

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