EKITI 2018: Group Objects To Fayose’s Consensus Governorship Candidate

A group, Prince Adedayo Adeyeye movement (PAAM) has declared as illegal a move by some political office holders in imposing Professor Olusola as their consensus/sole candidate in the upcoming 2018 elections.


According to a press release signed by its s that took place at the secretary, Niyi Ojo, the group said “The attention of PAMM has been drawn to the charade that took place at the Government House this afternoon by some political appointees, Councillors and a few members of the House of Assembly allegedly adopting Prof. Olusola as their “consensus/sole” candidate for 2018 Gubernatorial election in Ekiti state. This is a clear breach of the Constitution of the Peoples’ Democratic Party  (PDP) and the provisions of the Electoral Act (as amended).”


The release cited Sections 50 (1), Section 50(2) and 50(2b) of the PDP Constitution (2012)as amended to supports its claim that the steps taken by Governor Fayose and his cronies were illegal and contrary to the provisions of the electoral act.


It described the said meeting as by an amorphous group that was hastily convened out of fear for the overwhelming popularity of Prince Adedayo Adeyeye not only among the party’s rank and file but also the generality of Ekiti people.


The group said that It is important to note that PDP as a political party is bigger and larger than any individual no matter how highly placed as to override the rules and regulations of the party which are sacrosanct in the election of any candidate for the elective position.


Prince Adedayo Adeyeye movement (PAMM) stated that it believes in credible, transparent and free and fair primary for all aspirants for the position of governor come 2018, therefore, rejects the purported adoption of a sole candidate in its entirety as there are many other aspirants for the governorship race in 2018.


The release said that the said gathering was organized and supervised by Governor Fayose to impose a stooge as the sole candidate for PDP in Ekiti State, therefore, imploring members of the public and its teeming supporters to ignore and disregard the charade that took place at the Government house today.


It further concluded, “ It will go down in history as a day of infamy in the already dark days of Fayose’s administration.”

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