Educationist charge stakeholders to pay more attention to education of children

Students of A+ Solid Foundation School, Ilorin

Yusuf Bakare

A call has gone to stakeholders in the educational sector to pay more attention to the education of children so as to have maximum benefit from their investment into the children.
Mrs Oluwatosin Adeoye, am educational consultant emphasized the need for personal relationship between parents and teachers of their wards in their school adding that such relationship will also affect the child’s relationship with the teacher.

The consultant, who delivered a keynote lecture at the weekend as guest lecturer at speech and prize giving ceremony at A+ Solid Foundation N/P School ilorin expressed the need for parents to let their wards understand the purpose of education to their future and as well show positive and encouraging actions towards the child’s education.

She urged parents to not only celebrate the progressive success made by their children but to also involve in the education, extracurricular activities and help the children to create a structure for them in such a way that the children knows when to sleep, read, eat and perform daily activities, even without control but as a part of life structure while also urging parents to live exemplary lives so as to be worth while role models to the children.

Adeoye lamented the lackadaisical attitude of some parents in the payment of school fees and related essential for their children wondering where the management is expected to get funds to pay up teacher’s salaries and other  essentials from.

She therefore urged parents to take the education of their wards as a topmost priority.
On her part, the guest speaker at the occasion,  Abigail Alabi,  who joined  through zoom as an alumni of the school urged the pupils to continue to fly the flag of the school higher adding that the school truly live to it’s name as A+ Solid foundation.
Speaking on the role of education, Alabi said that education teaches the essence of hard work and as well assist in the growth and development of the children urging parents to make conscious financial investment into the education of their children.

She urged students to take their studies seriously, reading in minimal distraction in the environments and having good understanding of materials being studied for proper assimilation.

Alabi stated that the best way to remember what was being taught is to visualize and repeat materials regularly so that it becomes part of them.
Earlier in his welcome address, the proprietor of A+ Solid Foundation, Mr Olumide Peter Awujoola commended parents of pupils for their continued faith in the can do spirit of the school in giving their wards solid foundation education since the school started in September 2017.

Awujoola urged the parents not to relent in their support for the school and for their children adding that no investment in the children towards a better future can be too much.
He also urged parent to have a change of attitude in the manner of paying school fees adding that it is a major challenge in dealing with the management of the school due to paucity of funds for essential needs.

The proprietor further cautioned some parents who leave their children to stay long hours after school closes before coming to pick them, stressing that aside from health impact on the children, it’s not also good for their psychilogic wellbeing, feeling neglected by parents.

Awujoola further chipped in a hint that based on the pressures from some parents and the discovery that a need arises, A+ Solid foundation will soon start a junior secondary school where interested pupils could continue their academics within the supervision and system of the school.

A parent, Mrs Ibrahim Zinat Oluwatoyin who spoke at the sideline of the event commended the management of the school for efforts in laying solid foundations for her children.

Ibrahim who said that she also teaches at a secondary school in Ilorin said having compared standards, she feels relaxed that her children are in good hands, giving a good foundation for their future.

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