DPO RABIU GARBA: Celebrating a worthy cop

Rabiu Garba, DPO Fegge, Anambra

Joe Silva

When two or three persons give testimonies about a person, not just anyone but a Police officer, at a time that everyone appears criticizing the police, then it calls for attention.

Quoting from another DPO in far away Kwara State, DPO Oluwaseyi of A division Police stateion, “Not all Policemen are bad, some are exceptionally kind hearted and professional in the discharge of their duties. Judging an entire force by the conduct of a few bad element calls for worry.”

Oluwaseyi spoke about his work with passion and the pain of public outcry about his chosen vocation kept me thinking on how to see the Police from a different perspective, just then another friend showed me a piece about another police office and I felt like starting of a piece from testimonies about him.

Rabiu Garba is the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) at Fegge Onitsha who was reputed for sinking a borehole for the neighbourhood without any fund raising or illegal act.

Garba was reputed to have organized soccer tournaments for the youths of Fegge at their stadium where he also goes to play table tennis weekly.

Rabiu Garba took Fegge as his home and the people as his. His conduct demonstrated him not just as a friend but as part and percel of the Fegge community.

Despite being a Muslim, Rabiu Garba attended almost every church and every event in the area that he is invited to because his friendship with Fegge made him accepted as one of them.

When the ENDSARS rampaging youths got to his Police Division aiming to burn it down, his men expressed panic but , he confidently walked out to meet the mob with the courage of a man knowing he has nothing to fear. He neither fought the mob nor ordered them shot.

Seeing him, they recognized him and the angry chants were silenced! Most of the youths could vouch for him as a professional cop and a role model for many young men in the community.

They granted him audience to address them, counsel them and the mob dispersed happily without hurting anyone nor burning the Police division.

The Police Force might not notice this gentleman cop, his work speaks for him.

This had nothing to do with his tribe.
It had nothing to do with his religion.

Not even about his rank in the Police.

Not about how well read, academically.

He was just being a model of a Police Officer to emulate.

Yes, there are still good cops.

Rabiu Garba has proven to be friend indeed to the community he serves.

Thank you DPO Rabiu Garba.

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