COVID – 19: Kwara Police release enforcement guidelines on stay at home order

Oluseyi Dasilva


The Police, Kwara State command has roled out plans to enforce the government’s stay at home directive issued by the state government to curb the scourge of COVID – 19.

In a statement issued by the Commissioner of Police, Kwara Command Kayode Egbetokun, the command had commenced the enforcement of directives issued by the state government to curb the scourge of Covid19.

Egbetokun noted low level of compliance at the early part of the day while the level increased as the day went by and enforcement was put in place.

He said, “I observed that compliance level on the first day of enforcement was initially poor in the early hours of the morning but was raised to 70% when the police enforcement teams came out. The situation got better in the afternoon as the level of compliance moved to 90%. A  few recalcitrant commercial motorcyclists who were seen defiling the restriction order were responsible for the 10% deficit in compliance.”

The CP expressed sadness that the good job done by the police in the early part of the day was messed up by commercial motorcycle rider, Okada riders,  who trooped out as early as 4pm as if the ban on them has been lifted.

“This must not be allowed to happen today.”

He stated that Area Commanders, DPOs and all officers shall be leading the enforcement teams adding that they are to note the following important instructions for strict compliance

“Commercial motorcycles seen on the road must be seized and the rider violators be forced to go home on foot.

“Seized motorcycles are not to be released until the end of the emergency period. Where neccessary, road block should be  established in the evening time to ensure maximum compliance by the incalcitrant okada riders”

“ Shop owners and park violators are to be forced to comply.

“ You are to note that the primary focus of this assignment is not to make arrests but to force compliance. We don’t want to do this by crowding our cells or our stations and putting ourselves and others at risk of what we are preventing.”

“Officers on this enforcement duty are also to note that the battle against the scourge of Corona virus is a global one. The whole world is concerned about what we are doing here and are watching us. This is a very bad time to be linked with or accused of extortion. You should all remain vigilant and not allow men under you to engage in any untoward act.

The Police boss charged all police officers on the enforcement to take charge of the assignment in areas assigned to them.

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